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7 Best Outfit Ideas for Vacation

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As the time for the long-awaited vacation is quickly rolling in, you need to start thinking about all the outfits you will pack. But selecting the perfect outfits for the occasion can be quite tricky as it depends on several factors like the destination and climate.

Lucky for you, here are seven ideas for selecting your perfect vacation outfit. 

Always start from the basics.

When you’re starting to pack your outfits for a vacation, getting overwhelmed with the planning and everything is easy. That is why you should always start with the basics first. You need to pack the foundation for all your vacation outfits before packing anything else. 

Fill your bags with a variety of jeans, shirts, shorts, and basic tops, and you can even mix it up a little bit with all these dresses to create your basic vacation wear. Then, if there comes an occasion for a formal night, you can just add formal wear. And even if somehow your vacation didn’t plan out as you expected, you can still flaunt your original style to the crowd.  

Pack lightly

When packing for a vacation, everyone tends to ‘overpack.’ They think having more clothes might give them more options. While that is a sound argument, that also creates room for confusion over choosing the outfit. You might like an outfit while harboring an interest in another, leading you to waste your time picking out outfits. There is also a capacity problem when it comes to packing your clothes, the airplane has a limit that can take per person so you shouldn’t overpack. If you still want to bring clothes that might not fit in your suitcase, you should check for the premium suitcases and check this out.

Instead, pack lightly, only bring outfits by planning out every day of the vacation, at least to a certain degree. Doing this can lighten your luggage weight and prevent you from worrying over your outfit later. I learned this trick of packing light during my courses New Zealand, and trust me, now I enjoy my trip more than ever, light and comfortable.  

Know the vacation place

This idea can seem like a no-brainer, but knowing your vacation place is the first and foremost thing you should do when planning a vacation. You have to learn as much about the location as you can to prepare well for your trip. 

It can help you figure out the best outfit to be packed for the vacation. This idea comes in demand when you’re going to a location where the climate can be erratic. You’ll be in a lot of trouble if you pack your outfit for that place like you would do for any other vacation.  

Choose your footwear wisely.

Going on a vacation can sometimes involve a lot of walking and jogging, which can put a lot of strain on your feet. In those times, as much as you want to look cool, you’d want comfort for your legs. But getting the perfect ratio between style and comfort can be difficult, and it depends on several things like the place you’re visiting. 

So, choosing the best footwear per occasion can give you the best vacation experience you crave. You should pack various stylish and comfy sandals and trendy and casual shoes. Of course, you can also add your fancy footwear to the bunch, but you should limit its quantity as there won’t be a lot of occasions for you to wear it. 

Glasses can make anything better.

No vacation outfit is complete without a pair of glasses to meet the occasion. Glasses can, without a doubt, make your outfit look a hundred times better, and they go well with anything and everything. 

But not every type of glasses can be the one for you as every face type requires a different shaped glass. Hence, picking out the right glass type is pretty important. But, once you’ve done that, you can enjoy your vacation looking through the lens that makes you look cooler. So, you should include glasses in your vacation accessories. 

Plan out your vacation

Although being spontaneous can be fun, knowing where you’re going to be and when you’re going to leave from there on a certain date during your vacation beforehand can be immensely helpful to you. Having a good vacation plan like this can help you plan out all the outfits you’ll wear throughout the whole vacation. In addition, it can help you prepare the outfit for each day, which can reduce the stress of figuring it out later during the vacation. 

Keep travel clothes separate.

An obvious but not outspoken idea is to always keep the travel outfit and vacation outfit separate. The outfit you wore while traveling to get to the location can become quite dirty from the journey. So, wearing the same outfit for the vacation, however good it looks, can be quite off-putting. Also, you have to make sure the outfit you’re going to wear during your travels is as comfortable as possible to ensure a good traveling experience. 

The wrong kind of uncomfortable travel clothes can be quite nagging and distract you from getting your best travel experience. You need a couple of leggings or comfy jeans and a basic shirt or tank top. You can also add a lightweight zip-up jacket as you never know how cold it might get while traveling.

Ending Note

Travel can be fun and adventurous if planned properly, or it may turn into a nightmare. The first step towards planning an enjoyable trip. So, next time whenever you are traveling, keep these points in your mind and experience the best moment of your life! Happy Traveling! 

Featured Image by Irina L from Pixabay