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7 Days of Delicious Fall Food (A Seasonal Meal Plan)

The following post is from Jessica of GoodCheapEats and LifeasMOM:

photo source: Jessica Fisher

We love to eat around here. Seriously and truly. Food is a big deal to the FishFam. We make memories around cooking and eating yummy messes together.

And we love to embrace special foods each season. In winter it’s holiday feasts and special Christmas desserts. In spring we love to welcome the first berries. In summer it might be fresh fruit salads that we devour. But, it seems that Fall holds some of our very favorite foods. And while the halls are being decked already in some places, I still want to hold on to Fall. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye.

Since we live in such a global society, it’s easy to enjoy certain foods all year round. However, since I started receiving a weekly produce box, I’m seeing how seasonal our foods really are. I’m also seeing that greens of all kinds are prolific in the Southern California autumn.

The jury is still out on that one.

Enjoy these last few weeks of fall with a meal plan to suit. The following menus feature all kinds of deliciousness that is seasonal and easy to prepare during the busy autumn days.

{Sunday} Blue Ribbon Chili

Serve with Buttermilk Cornbread, Vegetable Dippers, Pumpkin Pie

This can be one of the easiest meals to pull together, especially if you use canned beans. Combine the chili ingredients in your slow cooker in the morning, mix up the dry ingredients to the cornbread, stir up a quick pumpkin pie, and get the veggie tray ready to go. This is also a perfect game day menu.

{Monday} Leek and Mushroom Bake with Polenta Crust

Serve with Spinach Salad, Salted Caramel Ice Cream

This vegetarian casserole evokes fall flavors with its earthy mushrooms and leeks. Serve it with a spinach salad for a meatless meal. Top it off with homemade salted caramel ice cream. Yum!

photo source: Good Cheap Eats

{Tuesday} Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes

Serve with Garlic Green Beans, Apple Pie

This meal is one of my family’s favorites, featuring items that can be made ahead and stashed in the freezer. Yes, really. Meatballs and gravy freeze beautifully, as do mashed potatoes. If you have a bag of green beans in your freezer, this recipe comes together in minutes. And with my gramma’s apple pie recipe, you can stock your freezer with homemade desserts to enjoy all winter long.

{Wednesday} Roasted Vegetable Soup

Serve with Garlic BreadApple Dippers and Maple Cream

When I first made this vegetable soup a few weeks ago, I was stunned at how easy it was to make. Yet, it feels so fancy. Readers have told me that they have changed up the melange of veggies to stunning results. And even picky kids eat it. Yes, really. Serve it with make ahead garlic bread. End the meal with simple apple dippers with maple cream.

photo source: Simple Bites

{Thursday} Braised Brisket

Serve with Sweet Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli, Yorkshire Pudding, Easy Peasy Mochas

What is heartier than a delicious brisket nestled with sweet potatoes? Steamed broccoli and popovers are simple side dishes. End the meal with these easy peasy mochas.

{Friday} Grilled Chicken and Sauteed Greens

Serve with Steamed Rice, Maple-Vanilla Roasted Pear Parfaits

I can’t really escape the greens this fall. Every produce box is filled with them! But, we’re getting accustomed to them, especially sauteed — and hopefully, increasing our iron intake at the same time!

photo source: Good Cheap Eats

{Saturday} Easy Skillet Pork Chops

Serve with Steamed Rice, Sauteed Peas, Affogato

These brasied pork chops come together quickly and are packed with flavor. Serve them with steamed rice and a side dish of peas. End the meal with hot and cold affogato, aka coffee floats.

Enjoy each delicious moment of fall! What foods do you love in the autumn?

A foodie at heart, Jessica Fisher has learned to reconcile a tight budget with her love for great food. As a busy mom of six voracious eaters, she regularly shares healthy, delicious and budget-friendly recipes at GoodCheapEats. She also writes at her parenting blog, LifeasMOM.