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7 Thoughtful Ways Dads Can Give Mom A Break

We all need a break sometimes. Moms especially need a break sometimes. Particularly in families where the mom is the primary caretaker for the children, a moment to relax or get her things done can mean the world. Here are some thoughtful ways that dads can give their wives a gift that they’ll really enjoy, whether it’s for Valentine’s day, a birthday or anniversary, or just a random gesture of love and appreciation. Giving mom a break will enhance your relationship.

Do Some Housework

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For a lot of busy houses, this one is probably a no-brainer. One day old macaroni sticking to the bottom of your socks as you walk through the kitchen is generally a good indicator that a thorough sweep would be appreciated. Especially with clutter’s surprisingly strong relationship to stress, anxiety, and poor mental health in general, straightening up the house seems like a small thing. Still, its composite effect can be quite impressive. 

Plan A Fun Family Outing

Some moms want time to themselves to catch up on things, but some moms might appreciate a fun family outing even more. Planning fun events and making them happen can cause a lot of stress, though, and so taking care of those less fun parts for her will enable her to just sit back and enjoy the family instead of having to make things happen. Often, what we cherish most about life has less to do with the gifts we receive than memorable experiences we enjoy.

Get A Babysitter And Plan A Date

Just like the last point explained, choosing what to do, and planning and coordinating fun activities can make them considerably less fun. Besides, a surprise date is so much more romantic! Think of a special place for you and your wife and take her there. Getting a reliable babysitter and having everything set up and explained for the babysitter beforehand will help you relax on your night out and not worry about what the kids are up to and whether or not they’re ok. Mom will appreciate the break!

Take The Kids Out For Some Fun

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According to plenty of forums and questionnaires, the main thing a busy mom wants is just some time to herself. Suppose dads can take the kids out to go sledding, go to the mall, or go get a treat. In that case, it will bestow a blessed free moment on their busy wives and let them finally get to that book they’ve been wanting to read or take a nap and relax, or to do some spinal decompression stretches to get rid of that pesky back pain. Time is one of the most precious and scant resources in the world, and spending a fun time with the kids will make it, so mom doesn’t feel guilty focusing on her own things or relaxing for a bit. 

Tell Her How Much You Appreciate Her

Unlike other occupations, being a mom doesn’t come with any kind of promotion, raise, or recognition for a job well done. But as we all can agree, this noble, difficult work deserves some recognition! Many women just want to feel appreciated for all the hard work and love that they put into the labor of taking care of kids. Put some thought into what compliment or words of love or appreciation will mean the most to your wife, and let her know you see her sacrifice. As easy as this gift is to give, it can mean the world.

 Make Her Food

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While cooking can be fun and fulfilling, most people can only handle so much of it. Most moms get plenty of it. As it often lands upon moms to keep the whole family fed three times a day, seven days a week, a little break from the chore can be a more than welcomed respite. If you really want her to feel loved, make her something that she loves to eat and make enough for leftovers so it can last for other meals too. A busy mom also loves a yummy, healthy snack! Cooking a meal for the family will give mom a break that she will really appreciate.  Especially if you wash the dishes afterward!

Offer To The Drive The Kids Around

Chauffeuring the kids can be difficult for your spouse with the way the schedules are usually set up, but if you can manage, doing this for a busy mom creates a lot of time for her. Not to mention that driving is often stressful, and coordinating picking up and dropping off kids adds to that. See if there’s a way you can change your schedule up a little to line up with a time that the kids need to be chauffeured. 

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