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8 Maintenance Tips to Make Sure Your Weed Eater Lasts Longer

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Weed eaters are essential if you have a beautiful green backyard. They are even more important if you are growing vegetables or fruit trees in your backyard. If you do not eradicate the weeds, warns that they will hamper the growth of your vegetable plants or fruit trees. So, it is important to have the right weed eater tool to prevent the spread of weeds.

But you cannot just buy a weed eater and use it however you wish. You need to maintain it properly and use it the right way if you want it to last a long time. Otherwise, the tool will become damaged, and you will need to spend additional money to either repair the existing tool or buy a new one.

To make sure the tool lasts longer, follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Properly Follow The Manual

When you buy a weed eater tool from your local hardware store, it will come with a user’s manual. If you want to know how to use the weed eater properly, you must read the manual. 

It will have a description of all the features your weed eater has. And there will also be a separate segment for maintenance. Read that segment carefully. 

You will be able to understand how to disassemble and reassemble your entire weed eater. One of the most common problems is that the Weed eater does not start properly after not using it for a while. If you know how to disassemble and clean it, then that should fix your problem.

2. Check The Fuel Filter

Every gas weed eater tool has a fuel filter. This filter cleans the oil and removes any debris or impurities from the fuel. This way, only clean, purified oil will reach the engine. As a result, the engine will be dustproof and function for a long time. 

You can find the fuel filter either in the fuel tank or somewhere in the fuel line. If you hear some rumbling noises from the engine, then it is a sign that there is dirt in your engine and the fuel filter needs to be changed.

3. Regularly Clean The Air Filter

Every engine works with the use of combustion fuel. And to ignite the fuel, you need pure oxygen. This is where the air filter comes to help. It removes all dust and dirt particles from the air and provides the machine with clean oxygen. 

If dust particles are in the air, the engine will not start, or it will not function properly because clouds of dust will hamper the combustion process. 

You need to clean the air filter after using the weed eater for 5 hours. This way, you will get the most out of your air filters and receive clean oxygen.

4. Use The Proper Cleaning Agent for your Weed Eater

The first and most important factor of maintaining a weed eater is to clean it properly. And for that, you will need some cleaning agents. But you cannot just use any cleaning agent or detergents. 

If the detergent you are using is too harsh, it might damage the machine’s structure. So avoid harsh and strong detergents. The one you can use, however, is simple dishwashing detergents. They are gentle and can clean the tool easily. They also do not pose any threat to the structure of the machine.

5. Change The String of The Weed Eater

The trimmer is kept spinning using the string, the primary component of the weed eater. So you need to have proper strings to make the tool work. But these strings are not indestructible and can get damaged over time. 

So changing them is a must. The more often you change the strings, the more durable and long-lasting your tool will be. 

Because if you use damaged strings, the machine will suddenly stop, and you will need to restart it often. Change the string every three months, and you will have a perfectly functioning weed eater.

6. Empty The Fuel Tank After Use

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Oil has a nature to settle down if it sits idle for too long. And since you will not be using the weed eater every day, any leftover oil inside the machine’s fuel tank will settle down and become sticky. This will develop carbon, varnish, and gum inside the fuel tank. These substances take up space inside the fuel tank, and you will not be able to use the tool efficiently. 

To prevent this from happening, you need to empty the fuel tank. Installing a fuel stabilizer will also help. You also need to clean the carburetor and prevent oil from settling down.

7. Do Regular Checkup

You will not be able to see problems creating inside the weed-eater all the time. That is why a closer inspection is needed to check the insides of the weed eater and find out if everything is in good condition or not.

Do a thorough checkup of the tool every six months. Keep in mind that only do the checkup if you know how to disassemble and reassemble it.

Otherwise, take it to a mechanic for the checkup. 

8. Store The Weed Eater Properly

How you store the tool also impacts how long it will serve you. If your weed eater is gas-powered, then you need to clean and empty the fuel before storing it. If it is battery-powered, then you need to remove the battery before you store it. 

They may be stored on a rack, mounted on the wall, and simply laid flat on the basement floor. However, hold them safe from humidity, open fire, sparks, and extreme cold.

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Final Thoughts

Weeds are a huge nuisance to any backyard garden. They ruin the beauty of the backyard and destroy the existing plants. To make sure your lawn looks perfect, you need to remove all these weeds. And the perfect tool to do so is the weed eater. If you want your weed eater to last long and help you keep the lawn clean over a long period, take proper care of your weed eater.

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