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9 Reasons to Take A Spa Weekend in Iceland

When you think of Iceland, you would probably think of some of the scenes in the Game of Thrones TV series where jagged rock formations meet the beautiful landscape. It certainly can lay claim to the title The Land of Fire and Ice

Die-hard fans are flocking to visit these sites in this Nordic island country. But do you know that this country has more to offer its visitors than just it’s a beautiful landscape? Moms who visit the country can also enjoy the spa experience that the country offers with these natural springs. 

Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon 

Located in the Reykjanes peninsula is the Blue Lagoon.  As a mom with kids in tow, a dip in natural hot spring would be a welcomed treat. Be sure to make reservations as entry to the spring is limited, but rest assured that the lagoon is never crowded. Most visitors would think that the hot-spring is naturally formed, but it was a result of man-made construction. The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s best spa resorts. As a mom, you can also visit the restaurants and cafes, hotel and gift shop. 

Wade in Reykjadalur Hot Springs

Hot spring
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If you want your family to explore the countryside, you and your family should head on to the scenic of Reykjadalur. It is a valley that is part of the Hengill geothermal area in Iceland. It is a vital part of the country as it is a source of Reykjavik’s electricity. You would be simply be amazed by the mountains and flora that surround this part of Iceland. There are many types of geothermal action happening in this area from the steaming vents and mud cauldrons. One quick tip though, be sure to bring some rain gear when the weather is wet. 

Substitute Myvatn Nature Baths 

If you missed getting a booking to the Blue Lagoon, don’t worry because the Myvatn Nature Baths are also an alternative place that you can also visit for your spa weekend. There are showers and changing facilities located in the area. Plus, you can enter the sauna and feel the steam as it rises from the floor vents. While having to enjoy this relaxing experience in one of the top 10 natural hot springs in Iceland, you can truly feel an immediate effect on your skin as it feels refresh and rejuvenated. 

Discover tranquillity at the Seljavallalaug Pool 

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It is also another best-kept secret that Iceland has to offer its guests. There is a manmade pool. It was built in the 1920s and has become one of the region’s popular tourist destinations. You would feel awed at the site of the hot thermal pool against ice-capped mountainside brooks and waterfalls. Plus, the pool is naturally heated, can soothe all the aches and pains after your travel. Be sure to bring some snacks and warm clothes as the weather may change in an instant.

Explore the Geosea Sea Baths 

When finding some relaxation time for yourself, try to explore the Geosea sea baths. This thermal bath is different from the other hot springs in Iceland as it is seawater instead of spring water that is located in the area. The saline water contains different minerals, which can help in calming and even healing sore spots and even skin diseases such as psoriasis. The water in the baths is kept fresh as the water is pumped from two nearby boreholes, which guarantees a steady supply of clean seawater. It also has an incredible view of the Skjálfandi Bay.

Finding Gamla Laugin (Secret Lagoon) 

If you would like to visit another natural thermal pool for some personal downtime, you can also tour the Gamla Laugin in the village of Fludir. It is also another stand-in for the Blue Lagoon as the Secret Lagoon is where the locals go swimming and bathe since the 1800s. The average temperature is around 38° to 40°C. A soak in the warm waters of the Gamla Laugin can truly do wonders for your tired body.

Trying out the Fontana Geothermal Baths 

Hot springs
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Another place in Iceland where you can take some personal time is the Fontana Geothermal Baths. This thermal bath is located near the Golden Circle trail, similar to the Secret Lagoon. The village nearby has been using the hot water coming from the ground to heat their homes, cook their food, and for bathing. Since the geothermal bath is near Laugarvatn lake, you can visit this to cool down as the lake is also geothermic.

Exploring the warm Krossneslaug 

Another place where you can unwind after sightseeing and shopping is the Krossneslaug pool located on the eastern coast of the Westfjords. The warm temperature of the water is maintained due to the water from the nearby hot springs. There are basic changing and showering facilities near the pool, and with the affordable entrance fee, it helps keep the place clean while allowing yourself to relax.

Uncovering the beauty of Reykjadalur 

It is one of the hot springs in Iceland that is easy to reach when coming from Reykjavík. It is one of the warm rivers that flows to the Reykjadalur valley. When it comes to some relaxation time, it can be easy to go to this natural hot spring. It is also to go to the Reykjadalur as the hike going there is not demanding. But there are no changing rooms available in Reykjadalur.

Iceland is a country where the landscape is contrasting. The country is generally known to be dotted with ice-capped valleys and mountainsides. On the other side, the country also offers natural hot springs. For moms who pass by the country, visiting the different geothermal baths and springs should also be added to their itinerary as an indulgence. 

These places offer a source of relaxation.  They will also help alleviate any aches and pains that they might during their trip.

Featured Image by David Mark from Pixabay