A Cleaning Routine that Works for You

The follow post is from Becky of Clean Mama:

source: Horia Varlan

Hello Life Your Way Readers! I’m Becky from Clean Mama. I blog about cleaning and organizing — and lots of little homey things in between.

I have lots of ideas and ways to organize those not-so-fun, but necessary tasks and today I’m going to share one with you:

How to find YOUR cleaning routine.

Finding a cleaning routine that works for you may seem like an impossible task, but I have a few simple steps (and a free printable) to help you get started!

Corral your cleaning supplies.

Put your supplies in a caddy or place them where you’ll use them (in a bathroom or kitchen cabinet).

Take advantage of multitasking moments.

When the kids are taking a bath — clean the bathroom

List all of your everyday tasks.

Wipe down counters, make beds, sweep floors, one load of laundry, etc.

List weekly tasks that need to be done.

Vacuum, wash floors, clean bathrooms, etc.

Assign tasks to days of the week

Keep your schedule in mind.

Do what works best for you.

I clean a little bit every day. I choose one major task (vacuum, wash floors…) each day of the week so I only spend 15-30 minutes a day cleaning.

Maybe you work Monday-Thursday and do most of your cleaning on Friday.  Or maybe you work 50 hours a week and just need to figure out a better way to streamline so you aren’t cleaning all weekend.

I encourage you to come up with a plan, try it, and see how it works.

Change what needs to be changed and keep tweaking it until it works for YOU. And by all means, feed the family and play with your kiddos before you vacuum!

Oh, and make sure you take a moment to download my free printable cleaning chart!

What does your cleaning routine look like?

Becky is a former art teacher and current clean freak. She works from home, designing and selling custom printables on Etsy and as a Shaklee distributor. You can also find her at Clean Mama, where she blogs about cleaning, organizing, cooking and other fun and artsy goodness.