A Photo a Day

One of the most common questions Life Your Way readers ask when we talk about decluttering and organizing is how to organize photos. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be talking about all things photo-related with a special series from the Association of Personal Photo Organizers!

The following is written by Jana Gentry:

“An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”. A Photo a Day ….
source: Orin Zebest

As busy moms we are trying to keep all areas of our lives in order while providing the best solutions for our family. The saying “an apple a day” reminds us to provide a healthy snack each day. Similarly, taking a photo a day is one way to consistently record our family’s history.

Last year a friend of mine challenged a group of us to take a photo a day in 2010. She set up a website for our group called the Pixie Chicks and each day we uploaded our photo along with a short description. It was so much fun to log in each day and see what photo each of us had taken.

We were all living in different cities across the United States yet we were immediately connected through the photos.

I quickly learned that it was the day to day normal, what may appear to be dull and boring, photos that ended up being the most important.

However, taking photos is easy; the challenge is uploading, organizing and getting the photos into your life.

Here are five tips to do that!

1. Set up an organized system for your photos.

It is easier to have a system that is organized by theme such as birthdays, school days, friends, game day etc.

2. Choose one day a week to upload your photos.

Just like sitting down to pay the bills or eating an apple a day. Delete {yes I said delete} any photos that are blurred or unbecoming to the subject. If you have taken 10 photos of the same person, choose your favorite 3 or 5 and delete the rest. Yes delete — it IS ok.

3. Write the description or story of that photo while the memory is fresh.

You will tell yourself that you will remember, and you might, but do it now.

4. Rate your photo.

Some organizing systems have a “rating” system so you can rate your photos. You can rate or “star or flag” those photos that you will print to put into albums — and they will be really easy to find again.

5. Touch it once.

Get in the habit of uploading, deleting, organizing, rating, and telling the story. You are thus touching your photos once and completing the job.


Keeping up with your photos takes away that overwhelmed feeling and saves money on memory cards. While you are taking care of your photos be sure to have an apple. You can say to yourself “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

A photo a day…. are you up for the challenge?

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Jana Gentry has a passion for photography and has been helping people with their photos for over nine years. She is a Personal Photo Organizer and sports photographer. She is married and has two children.
She is a member of the APPO Association for Personal Photo Organizers.