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A Comprehensive Guide to Neat and Tidy Room-by-Room Decluttering

Organizing your home entirely is always a big deal whether you consider it as a curtailing effort or you want to do that to simply make your life easy. One fine morning, if you wish to declutter your home altogether then it will end up being a huge hassle. Hence, this episode should be always categorized into various stages.

Precisely, the smart idea is to focus on one single room first and then proceed towards the other ones one by one. Sometimes, it is worth paying attention to even one particular space or one zone within a room at a time. You must declutter your home in such a way that not even any corner of your home should be left messed up.

Of course, it might require a significant amount of time for you to accomplish this entire task as you will have to go ahead step-by-step but it is still worth it.

How to declutter your home room-by-room?

Read on to get an idea about the most righteous approach to clean your home while following these effective decluttering tips:

Neat and Tidy Room

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You might start with the bedroom but handling a smaller area (it can be the bathroom) first will let you avoid getting exhausted in the beginning itself. The whole chapter of organizing home will be far more relaxed then.

Get started with your medicine cabinet where you must take out everything and discard all the unnecessary medications, skincare or makeup products. Next, what you should do is just move onto the cabinet drawer, if any. Here, you must remove everything and quickly evaluate what you’re keeping and what you’re going to toss.

How to declutter the shower/tub?

Well, the routine is same here too. Finally, just pull everything out from below your bathroom sink and organize the things there. All the things that you don’t need must go to the dustbins.

a perfect kitchen

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  • Next is the kitchen

To keep your kitchen clean and uncluttered is really a huge task because there are a number of different activities which happen there. Whether it is cooking, eating, or socializing, all are kind of common things that we do there. Right?

However, there are various smart kitchen improvement ideas that can make everything easy. When it comes to the right decluttering tips for your kitchen then here the ultimate mantra should be categorizing things as per their types. As your kitchen is storage of different kinds of things, focusing on each type of artifact in the kitchen at once is a crucial step. For example, cutting and chopping essentials, glassware, utensils, bakeware, etc. must be handled separately.

bedroom be like this

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  • Go for the bedroom

Organizing your home can never be complete without decluttering the coziest and comfortable place of it – your bedroom. You must start the process while making your bed first. Next, it’s time to handle your nightstands and get rid of anything and everything which doesn’t belong there. All such things should go inside your Put Away bin. It’s always smart to throw away such things which are of no use anymore.

Also, an integral part of organizing your home is to take care of the fact that all the bureaus and drawers in your bedroom are clean all the time. It is recommended to take everything out that is useless and put them in your donation bag or dustbin.

Moreover, if you’re having a desk or vanity table in your bedroom then it comes next in the cleaning episode. Don’t just shove things which are kept in that place back into the drawers rather they must be directly headed towards the dustbin.


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  • It’s time for the closet now

You must tackle your closet now. One of the easiest approaches to declutter your closet is to first organize your clothes by types. It means you can start with shoes then move to boots, dresses and so on. Once you’ve gone through each kind of clothing then you will end up with four clothing piles:

  • Put away everything which was unfortunately in the wrong place.
  • Let all your dirty laundries be into the hamper or dispose of them in the laundry room.
  • Anything that needs repair should be sent to the laundry room.
  • All the items which need to be donated must be left to the donation center.

living room

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  • Manage the living room completely

The living room is one of the toughest rooms to keep clean on a daily basis. So, when it comes to organizing home then it becomes really tough to handle that part. As it gets a lot of use and living rooms usually don’t feature extensive storage features, it requires special attention.

One of the best decluttering tips for your living room is first deciding on permanent storage spaces for such things which you use commonly ( remote controls, magazines, books, etc). Make sure you are decluttering these places constantly. Some of the quickest tricks to identify the right process of how to declutter your living room are putting the books away, actioning your mails, fold the blankets, and so on.

  • Lastly, don’t forget the entryways and foyers

Many of you might not have a traditional mudroom or foyer but an entryway is a must in every house. Although it can be a smaller area, to declutter it regularly is something that you should always do.

How to declutter such a place?

You can start with the desks or consoles. Next, just go through each drawer and remove all the contents. Also, check the top of each desk or console as well. If there’s something that needs to be thrown out then just dispose of them. Moreover, if you’ve any specific space for keys and other important things then make sure that it is not too crowded.

Aren’t the aforementioned tips to keep your home clean and tidy potent enough?

Don’t wait anymore! Just opt for them and let your abode be a spick and span place to live in.

Author Bio:- Lyuthar Jacobs is working as a full-time content writer. He is a type of geek who loves to write Lifestyle, Home Decor, Money Saving, and Finance. Here in the above post, he sharing things about ultimate ways to guide decluttering your home Room-by-Room.

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