A Virtual Home Tour: Come Visit My Home

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you on a virtual tour of our home, which we built three years ago this summer. To start, I thought it would be appropriate to give you the full tour, just as if you were coming to visit.

First, you have to leave the nearest city and drive 30 minutes west. You’ll go through a small town (the kind without a single stoplight) and continue on for 10 more minutes or so.

Then, when you’re officially in the middle of nowhere, halfway between two teeny townships, you’ll make a sharp right turn and head up a steep hill.

This road will take you almost all the way to our house, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like this the whole way.

First, the yellow lines disappear.

Then, suddenly, the pavement disappears too.

This is the point where you regret washing your car earlier in the day.

But it’s also the prettiest part of the drive (even on an overcast day!) as you pass the neighboring ranch.

We’ve still got a little ways to go, and I apologize if your teeth are rattling as we go.

Right over that hill is our neighborhood.

But first we have to get past the ranch.

And then head through another little cove of trees.

Isn’t it pretty?

Once again the trees open up, and there’s our house, down there at the bottom of the hill on our own little slice of heaven (only about 2.5 acres of that land is ours, but eventually we’d like to buy the five acres next to it).

Head down the hill, but be sure to stay to the right because there are some deep grooves in the road from rain.

And there it is, home sweet home!

Next week, we’ll “reminisce” about the building process, and then I’ll take you on a virtual tour of the inside. It’s not perfect, and it’s probably not fit for royalty, but it’s our home, and we love it!