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A work update (and why I’m posting less)

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When I first started blogging, I had a small “mommy” blog where I shared crafts, recipes, parenting tips (based on what was working for us at the moment), and lots of pictures of my kids. I later started Organizing Your Way, where I shared organizing and decluttering tips, and eventually I began working as a virtual assistant (VA) for my good friend, Tara at Deal Seeking Mom, and then later took over advertising for the Simple Living Media team.

Over time, however, my own blog(s) and projects grew, to the point where I was feeling stretched trying to manage it all, and I scaled back to just focusing on my own stuff.

For two or three years, I managed multiple blogs, publishing ebooks and courses and printables, stretching my entrepreneurial muscles and enjoying the process of taking something from idea generation to project completion. In 2013, I started, where I shared weekly digital bundles for almost two years, the last of my really big projects.

And then I hit burn out.

Last year, when Ryan from Ultimate Bundles approached me about a VA position, I think we were both surprised when I said yes! But working for someone else and using the administrative skills that had lain dormant for awhile was very appealing for someone who had hit the wall creatively and entrepreneurially.

Along with the changes I’d already made here on Life Your Way, it was really, really good for me to be able to focus on set hours and assignments, and I felt like I was finally able to put some limits on my workaholism and make intentional choices for my life—exploring my creative side, being a more patient mother, setting work hours, etc.

Slowly over the past year, my position with Ultimate Bundles has grown. I’ve taken on more hours and more responsibility, handling relationships with our contributors, affiliates and bonus partners. It’s been a great outlet for my entrepreneurial side (which it turns out is still hiding in there somewhere, just a little bit quieter than it used to be) and a great opportunity to stretch my skills and try new things within the framework of an innovative, successful company.

Even though I’m working almost full-time now—and working for someone else, something I thought I’d never want to do again—I’m having so much fun. I wake up looking forward to work, I’m excited about what I do everyday, and working with the team at Ultimate Bundles has been pretty amazing.

And that’s where the posting less comes in. For many years I blogged because I wanted to share information—tips or recipes or how-tos. I also blogged every day because that’s what all the experts said you had to do.

Over the past year, however, I’ve found myself caring less about a posting schedule or what topics get the most hits, and wanting to share more of me instead, stories from the heart that may or may not have an explicit takeaway but that cause us all to stop and think.

The only problem? Those posts take a lot more time—a lot more care and sweat and wrestling—than a recipe for muffins, and in order to protect my life away from the computer, I just don’t have the time to write 5 of them a week. And I’m finding myself more and more reluctant to post words that I don’t love just for the sake of getting a post up, so some days I just simply don’t post, even when I had planned to.

I know many of our readers have been around since the days of Doodles’ Place, long ago, and the fact that you’ve stuck with me through so many transitions means the world to me. I don’t plan to stop blogging any time soon, and I don’t think the content over the next 6 months will be a whole lot different than what it’s been over the past 6 months, but I did want to give you an explanation for the sporadic posting schedule and the change in direction.

One of the best parts about the changes I’ve made this year is the increased number of comments from readers. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on different topics, and I’m thankful for a community that allows me to share my thoughts and then responds with their own stories, encouragement and push back.

Thank you for being part of that community, and I look forward to seeing what the second half of 2015 holds!