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Abandoning goals during the first trimester {April Goal Review}

April Goal Review

I am just days away from officially welcoming the second trimester, and it can’t come soon enough!

This has been my hardest pregnancy by far…a sinus infection magnified all of my pregnancy symptoms, leaving me bedridden and miserable for almost two weeks; I’ve spent much time huddled on the bathroom floor, alternately anticipating and dreading throwing up; and weekly spotting has wreaked havoc on my emotions.

We quickly moved into survival mode, and I pretty much did the bare minimum in every area of my life until things began to ease up.

Which brings me to my 2015 goals.

We were not anticipating another pregnancy or newborn this year when I set my goals, and while they’re all worthy goals, I really had no choice but to be realistic and prioritize, so I abandoned many of them, at least temporarily.

Now that I’m coming out of the fog, I’m looking forward to a few months of normalcy before we welcome our new little one and life spins wildly out of control once again!

April Goal Review

With all of that said, here’s where my 2015 goals stand as of today:

1. Lose 15 pounds, make better food choices, drink more water, and walk daily. 

WHY: I feel better when I’m healthy, I want to model good habits for my kids, these represent areas of self-control.

Clearly my focus is no longer on losing weight, but the rest of these goals remain as important—if not more important—now that I’m growing a human being. I really look forward to our daily family walk, even when it’s a short one, and there’s no doubt that I feel better when I make the right food choices. Because my sinuses are all kinds of messed up right now, I’ve found drinking enough water to be doubly important, as dehydration quickly brings on a debilitating sinus headache, so that’s probably the easiest one for me to stick to right now!

2. Get more sleep and schedule rest. 

WHY: I’m more patient, creative and productive when I make time for rest and get enough sleep.

For most of the 1st trimester, I easily spent 12 hours a day in bed, sleeping 10 or more of those hours. Although I dealt with a fair bit of insomnia, it was easy to prioritize rest when I felt like I couldn’t do anything other than sleep! This week we’re at the beach and I’m trying to catch up on work, so it’s been a little bit harder to prioritize that rest, but I’m trying!

3. Read aloud, play games, do Kindergarten with Sidney, and make time for special activities. 

WHY: I want to build strong relationships with the girls now, fill their tanks and inspire a love of family, reading and learning in them.

We’re just going to put this one on the “not during survival mode” list. We did start a weekly tradition where every Wednesday one of the girls gets to stay up for an hour doing an activity of their choice with Mom or Dad, and I’ve cuddled quite a bit with them when I’m vegging on the couch or in bed, but games, kindergarten and reading aloud have not been at the top of my priority list!

4. Celebrate minor holidays and birthdays. 

WHY: I want to embrace and celebrate every day, create traditions and encourage a spirit of joy in our home.

Yeah…no. 🙂 Maybe this summer.

5. Schedule coffee and play dates monthly. 

WHY: To connect with and build strong relationships within our community for me and the girls, as well as for mentorship and encouragement.

I haven’t been great at this either. There just hasn’t been time, and leaving the house without Sean there as backup hasn’t appealed to me at all.

6. Read 75-100 books, including 36-48 nonfiction books, and 12 classics.

WHY: It offers an opportunity for intentional rest that also broadens my perspective, stretches my intellect and models a love of learning.

Surprisingly, I read more during those weeks of survival mode than I usually do in the first trimester, although my reading has dropped off significantly now that I’m feeling human again (but still exhausted!) and trying to catch up on all of the things I neglected. Lowering my reading goal to 75 this year means I should have no trouble hitting it (I’m at 43 now, with several more started), but I do need to refocus on my nonfiction and classics goals!

7. Stick to office hours, and be realistic about my time, leaving margin in my days, weeks and months.

WHY: To make time for my other goals, and because my family deserves it.

This was one I intentionally set aside over the past few months. I slept more hours a night than my girls, and so my work time was spread out over the course of each day. I did, however, protect our weekends as work-free time, and I’m doing pretty good on vacation so far at working in the early mornings and late evenings, so I’m looking forward to getting back to a good daily schedule when we get home.

8. Read Bible (alone and with the girls) daily.

WHY: I want to make time to focus on my faith, encourage my kids’ faith, connect with God and learn more each day.

Unfortunately, I let this one go completely, although not intentionally. I really enjoy the IF:Equip studies, and I’m looking forward to rejoining them for the next one plus making daily devotionals a part of our daily routine again as a family.

9. Stop yelling, practice being present and patient.

WHY: My kids deserve it and I will respect myself more.

Surprisingly, I did better with this than I would have expected given the way I felt, and I think there was an important lesson there about the amount of patience and presence I can offer my kids when I’m not trying to juggle too many things at once…even when I just want to curl up in a ball and die!

10. Create regularly—piano, doodling and hand lettering, baking, crocheting and sewing.

WHY: I want to continue unlocking the creative side of myself, improving the practical skills and practicing rest even when I can’t read.

Sadly, I decided to take a break from piano lessons when I began to feel so badly, as sitting at the piano concentrating made me feel so much worse and I just didn’t feel like I had the extra time in my day when I wasn’t fulfilling all of my obligations as it was. Similarly, concentrating on things like doodling or crocheting just wasn’t something I wanted to do when I felt that way, and I couldn’t stand to be in the kitchen. As life comes back into “balance” (a word I don’t especially love), I’m looking forward to making time for these again.


How are your 2015 goals going?