You might wonder, with a blog named Life Your Way, whether I believe in any absolutes. Let me assure you that I do.

I believe in right and wrong, the God of the Bible, the covenant of marriage, and the sanctity of life.

However, I also believe there are lots of gray areas where each of us has to make our own decisions. Some of these are a good/better/best kind of thing. But most are simply to-MAY-to versus to-MAH-to.

In this internet age, we’re hit with opinions, facts, and information from every angle every day—about organizing, food, education, pursuing our passions, and more. And each day we have to wade through it all and try to decide what’s best for ourselves, our family, and our children.

Life Your Way has one goal: to help you live intentionally and creatively.

This is my blog, and I’ve never been shy about sharing my opinion, so you’ll probably hear what I think a lot. But I hope you’ll also share your own thoughts and experiences. And if you come up with a different conclusion than me, that’s okay. In fact, I think it’d be pretty boring if we all thought the same thing, so I hope you’ll share what works for you—and what doesn’t—in the comments.

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Mandi, Blogger

Twelve years ago I married the guy who lived across the street.

We set off on a cross-country adventure, moving 3,000 miles away from our family to a city where we knew no one. We made a lot of stupid decisions and did a lot of growing up, and two years later our oldest daughter was born. In the nine years that followed, we had four more babies (and then one more!), moved three times, and built our dream home on a little slice of heaven in the middle of nowhere. We made a few more mistakes, and our hearts broke as we said goodbye to four babies that we never got to hold in our arms.

These days, my husband has the privilege of being a stay-at-home dad, and I have the incredible privilege of pursuing my passion—as a blogger and entrepreneur—while also being home for all of the milestones I wouldn’t want to miss and the booboos that need kissing. We’re a homeschooling family, which means we get to spend every day together. And most days we consider that a blessing!

Although it might sometimes seem like I’ve got it all figured out, let me assure you that I don’t. There are probably dirty dishes in my sink right now, and I end up wasting time on Facebook more often than I care to admit. Our marriage is beautiful, but not perfect, and I still get buyer’s remorse after a stupid impulse purchase. I’m a huge fan of Plan to Eat, but sometimes I totally ignore my meal plan and we end up eating out because mama doesn’t feel like cooking.

Through it all, we’re just a family trying to make the best decisions we can while pursuing our passions and enjoying each other. And here at Life Your Way, I try to share the things I’m thinking about and the lessons we’re learning along the way.

**Photos by Krystal Griffin Photography

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