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Affordable days out for single-parent families

When the kids are out of school, every parent wishes to occupy their children with fun activities. It is important to not only keep them entertained and spend time together as a family; it is also important to create happy memories that children can look back on as they grow up. However, this is not always an easy task when you are a mother – especially when you are a single mother. We all know that single parents have to bear a greater financial responsibility than two parent families. They have to shoulder the entire financial responsibility. PayPlan’s recent research revealed how much more expensive it can be for single parents to take their children on holidays or to family events because of this. It also extends to childcare, paying the bills and much more.

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Being a single parent can be an incredibly rewarding experience but the research shows that it can also be very financially challenging. This is exacerbated by the fact that we live in a world where family activities can be very expensive. So what are some great ways to spend time with your kids without breaking the bank? In my experience, one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a summer’s day with the family is a simple picnic in the local park or at a nearby beach. Some soft drinks, some ball games, some tasty snacks – healthy or otherwise – and you can kill a few wonderful hours together as a family. As long as the weather is good that is!

Most cities will also have a bunch of excellent free attractions and events that families can do together. Museums, libraries and galleries are all great places for activities you can attend without any cost. My own local library does cinema evenings every other week, for instance, where families can watch a movie together for free. I have also been to arts and crafts workshops at our nearest museum too. The websites and social media pages for your local museums, libraries and galleries will let you know exactly what occasions are on the horizon and reserve your place if necessary. Single mothers who are looking for family activities to occupy their children should bookmark or follow them.

Families can even venture further afield without putting too much strain on their finances too. Sky Scanner style websites offer a myriad of last minute deals on domestic flights for a fun city break, for instance, whilst affordable accommodation can easily be found in places like Airbnb. There are also email newsletters like Scott’s Cheap Flights that families can sign up to. These can alert families about mispriced flights, cheap vacation packages and many other things that can help single parent families holiday for cheaper. This can help single mothers or fathers on a tight budget enjoy the same luxuries as two-parent families. Furthermore, several organisations provide specially-tailored holidays and days out for single-parent families too including Take A Break, a family charity, and the non-profit organisation Single Parent Travel Club.

Single parents should be afforded the same luxuries as any other family; they should be able to enjoy the same fun activities with their kids as anyone else. Unfortunately, the reality is that it can be much more expensive for single parents as they have no one else to split the cost between. It means that they often do less together as a family. Hopefully, this guide offers some inspiration about the ways in which you can enjoy your family time together – activities both big and small that single mothers can do with their kids without breaking the bank.

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