Affordable Glasses & Holiday Frames from Zenni Optical

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Our family has been buying our glasses from Zenni Optical for several years now. At first I was skeptical that you could actually get cheap eyeglasses on the internet, but we’ve been very pleased with the ones we’ve purchased — especially when compared to the price tag of glasses through traditional channels.

My first pair of glasses cost less than $8, and whether you need just one pair or a variety of fashion frames to match your outfits, I definitely think this is the way to go.

It’s also a great option for kids, and I didn’t feel quite as bad when we lost our oldest daughter’s glasses since they were so inexpensive to start with (and the truth is that she didn’t even lose them; I did!).

What about holiday frames?

I think Peyton would love these snowflake glasses:

Actually, it’d be kind of fun to get some matching ones for me as well!

Since there are three of us who need them in our home, saving money on¬†eyeglasses is a huge relief on our budget. it means there’s more money for wants and needs all year long!

Take some time to browse the Zenni Optical site — I think you’ll be surprised by just how affordable glasses can be!

Which frames from Zenni Optical are your favorites? What would you buy with the money you save on eyeglasses?

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