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All About To-Do Lists: Decoupage a Notebook


We’ve talked in the past about the different methods for creating a to-do list that works for you, and I wanted to share more of my system with you today.

While I continue to love and use Microsoft OneNote faithfully, I’ve found that I’ve moved back to a paper list for my weekly and daily to-do lists. There is no doubt that OneNote provides unmatched flexibility for keeping projects and permanent records organized, and I’ve got sections set up for various long-term projects as well as our homeschooling records for this coming year. (Read more about how I use OneNote here.)

On the other hand, I’m using my trusty Steno pad more these days because I like being able to scribble all over the page, rewrite my lists as necessary and cross off tasks so I can actually see the progress I’m making. While I love the price of a Steno pad, I don’t really like using a plain Steno pad. I want something prettier since my pad is my constant companion these days.

I could spend the money on a prettier notebook or journal, but my compromise is to simply decoupage my own notepad cover. Let me assure you that while I like to attempt to be crafty, I end up with disasters as often as I end up with finished products, so if I can do this, anyone can.


To start, I simply find pictures in a magazine that I like. Some people make collages using many different small pictures, but I prefer to use larger images and just add a border or two (because I’m lazy?).

  • Spread the cover with ModPodge and center a large picture or arrange several smaller pictures over it.
  • Smooth the picture(s) from the inside out to eliminate most of the bubbles (any small bubbles will flatten out as it dries).
  • Add borders, letters or embellishments while it dries.
  • Once it’s dry, trim around the edges so that the picture no longer hangs off the edges.
  • Add a final coating of ModPodge over the cover to seal it.

The options for customizing your notebook are really limitless, and it’s a fun way to add a little bit of beauty to the mundane.


While we’re talking about to-do lists, I also want to tell you about Todoolist. I recently had the chance to read  Nick Cernis’ ebook, which describes his Todoolist system, and if you’re looking for a way to get more out of your to-do list, I highly recommend this system. The ebook could easily be broken up into several shorter ebooks, but Nick packs 3 or 4 great systems into one ebook instead and offers it for just $14.  With his 30-day money-back guarantee, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Do you have a notebook or pad that you use regularly? Do you look for something “pretty” or just for something functional and budget-friendy?