Allergen-Friendly Halloween Treats

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Allergen-Friendly Halloween Treats at
source: Amy Green

With Halloween right around the corner, I’m met with a certain ambivalence. My 20-month old, Nate, is so very aware of what everyone around him is eating. He’s also aware of when he can’t have the same thing as everyone else.

Over the weekend we went trick-or-treating at our local zoo. As I was picking through the candy, he wanted to try it all. Not because he knows what it tastes like as candy is something he’s not been exposed to aside from the occasional Dum-Dum sucker that he gets after a visit to the chiropractor’s office. But candy is colorful and fun. Of course he wants to check it out!

I’m grateful that he’s still young enough that I can easily distract him. Nate quickly moves on to the next activity and becomes absorbed. Still, as his mom I want him to be able to participate in the fun of Halloween.

I’ve learned from other moms with kids on allergy-friendly diets that they ramp it up and make things extra-special in other ways, including making treats at home their kids can eat.

I’ve compiled some tasty gluten-free and allergen-friendly foods you can whip up for your kids. Don’t feel like you can’t serve these to kids who don’t need to eat a specific diet. Instead, share them liberally and proudly! They’re delicious. If you don’t point out that they’re made with alternative ingredients no one will ever know. Everyone can enjoy them. That’s exactly what you want, right?

What are your favorite ways to make the holidays special for your kids?

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