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Amazing Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms 2021

A newborn baby is a big event for parents, family, and close friends. Therefore, we are always in a hurry to get acquainted with the baby, to congratulate the new family member and his parents. The most important question, in this case, is what to give the newborn? In this article, we have collected the most useful things from Peekaboo for a baby shower gift, which will definitely be useful to the baby.

Little bath

Modern specialists recommend bathing the child in a separate bath for at least the first 2-3 months. There are several logical explanations for this: filling it with warm water and keeping it clean is easier. In addition, it will be more comfortable and easier for the baby to get used to water procedures in a small space. Baths come in different shapes and sizes: classic, with anatomical slides, removable legs, and even folding! Pay attention to the stability: the bath should not slide on the surface where you put it.

Silicone Bowls

A very useful addition to gifts can be feeding supplies. From the first days of their lives, some babies need bottles as, unfortunately, there are cases when babies can not be breastfed. Then parents do not have to wait long until the mess of solid food starts, especially if they choose the BLW method to feed the baby. For these periods, non-slip baby bowls from silicone, easy-to-grab cups, and these types of products can be of great help for parents, thus a perfect gift for a baby shower. So take the hint and brighten up the baby’s parents’ mood with your useful gift.


Of course, it is possible to determine the temperature of the water the old-fashioned way – to lower your elbow into it, but why, if there are so many water thermometers nowadays? They are made in the form of animals or boats, in rubberized covers or strong plastic cases. So, they are used for their intended purpose and for entertaining the child in the bath. They do not contain mercury and, when used correctly, are completely safe and a great gift for a baby shower.

Slides and seats

These simple devices will help support the baby until he learns to sit on his own. And they also make it much easier for an adult, freeing his hands and taking the load off his back. Small plastic slides easily fit in a standard baby bath. Thanks to them, the child is in an anatomically correct position. It is comfortable for him to lie down and enjoy water treatments. For older children, excellent bath seats have been invented: they support the baby from all sides but at the same time allow him to feel free. And they also prepare for independent bathing. The seats are securely attached with suction cups to the bottom of a large bath.


A useful thing for the child’s life is a ladle for bathing. It is convenient for them to water the baby in the bath to not freeze and rinse after washing. Unlike a shower with a ladle, this can be done carefully without scaring the child. 

Rubber mats

When the baby has grown up and sits confidently, he can safely swim in a large bath. However, “calm” is not the right word for a child in the water. Babies like to explore the bathroom, play, and taste everything they see. So, we need to take care of security again. A good idea to lay a rubber mat at the bottom of the bath or even two. They can be solid in color or with beautiful print. The main thing is that the mats must be securely fixed so that the child does not slip. There are also small toys and even puzzles on suction cups: they can be attached to the bathtub walls, shower cabin, and tile. With them, bathing will turn into an interesting educational game.

Children’s cosmetics

When choosing the first cosmetics for a child, be extremely attentive to their composition. Give preference to cosmetics for bathing marked 0+. Babies should never be washed with ordinary adult products because children’s skin is much thinner, more delicate, and sensitive. By the way, pay attention to the special visors for bathing. They help to protect the eyes from splashes while washing.  

Bath towels

The child needs his own towel, and it should be large enough that after bathing, it is possible to wrap the child in it and move to the room. The best option is a towel with a hood made of natural materials. Choose a soft fabric that absorbs water well.

Baby bath towel
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Organizer for toys

A bunch of toys in the bathroom is a common problem, and the organizer will allow you to solve this issue. It is attached with suction cups to the wall and has large holes so that wet toys in it can dry out before the next use. And if you choose a funny organizer in the form of an animal, cleaning will turn into an exciting game. This is a perfect gift for a baby shower.

A circle around the neck for bathing

A circle around the neck for bathing helps the baby swim freely in the water, which has been a natural environment for him for nine months. This relieves muscle tone, stress from the spine, relaxes, and at the same time strengthens the muscular corset. But this accessory should be used no earlier than three months. 

Featured Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels