1. Although I appreciate your emphasis on embracing creativity even when you’re not working on Pinterest-worthy projects, you’re also very, very talented and do create many of those projects. How have you pursued more “traditional” creativity in your life to learn those skills?

I really had never thought of myself as crafty before although I think the desire has always been there. It really wasn’t until Pinterest came on the scene that I started to feel some confidence with crafting. This site provided so much inspiration to me and I looked to other craftier people and their tutorials to guide me through different crafts. Coupling Pinterest with tutorials on YouTube, it makes you feel like the world is your oyster and you can do anything. I think carving out time to be inspired whether that is through traditional print media or by subscribing to craft blogs is key to honing your own creativity and craft skills.

2. As a child, what were your favorite creative outlets? Do you see a parallel between those and the things you enjoy today?

Oh, my poor parents! I have always been a huge sponge for creative activities and they had to drag me to all of my practices and witness every performance (for better or worse). My parents knew they were in trouble the first time I had a preschool show and refused to exit the stage.

I probably still would!

My biggest passions were singing, playing the violin, reading, writing, dance, and theater.

I would say that my blog has been a great vehicle for channeling some of my creativity for my writing and sharing about what I’m reading.

As far as the stage goes, let’s face it…a blog is a giant stage where I can channel whatever I am into at the moment which is probably why it has held my attention for this long.

I joined a gym that offered a dance class and I try to go at least a few times a week to channel some of that out of me.

If you see me at anything involving karaoke, just try and fight me for a mic!

I have never given up on my creativity, but I have had to learn new ways to channel it for myself. With two kids with busy schedules, it has to be a little less about me and what I want to do right now and more about what they are doing. That doesn’t mean I have given up on my dreams of getting back on a real stage, it just means that I am pausing my moment for now and I seek new avenues to push that creativity through. There are always new avenues, it’s just finding the one that clicks with your current life stage!

3. What lessons do you hope to teach your kids through your own creative pursuits? Do you involve them in the things you’re doing, or do you need to keep your creative pursuits as solitary activities?

I would say that I am more solitary in my creative activities. I am not one that loves crafting in a group setting; I prefer really quiet and focused work which doesn’t lend itself well to crafting with your kids! My kids seem to be the same way though about their own creative habits too so I really think they understand that.

I hope that my kids see that creativity is important and that I always made time for it. It is evident from the handmade items in our house to the craft projects happening in our home that creativity can add so much to your life. I hope that they see the joy that creativity brings, not only to us, but to others.

4. Do you have the stereotypical pile of half-finished projects that many of us have? If not…how do you keep those from building up? 

Please don’t hate me, but I don’t. I am very OCD about everything and one of those things is that I hate clutter or nagging piles of things to do so when I start something I have to finish it. I can’t stand having things looming over my head and wish I could relax a bit about that.

There is one project though that I have paused for an entire year. It’s an ambitious knitted project that my life got in the way of finishing. I don’t feel guilty about it, but it is definitely something I would like to finish before another year goes by (especially when I think about how much I spent on that yarn- ouch!).

That being said, don’t you want to live in a house where you always see creativity happening? Those unfinished projects showcase that you work on your creativity and that you care about it. That is what I see when I see things in progress in our home.

5. You mentioned this briefly, but how does your environment affect your creativity? Do you need things in a certain place, a certain level of tidiness? Do you prefer music or quiet? Do you burn candles or open the windows wide?

I cannot focus in an untidy space because all I want to do is clean things up because I can’t relax.

We actually finished our shed into a bonus space in our home. I go there to retreat into creative tasks because it is quiet, without electronics, and has no clutter in it. It is that environment that I do the best in because I need a distraction-free space to create in. That same idea could be replicated in any corner of one’s home.

I love to listen to music and light candles. I even have some twinkle lights in there that I love to flip on when I am in there creating that I find really soothing.

My biggest issue is not taking a nap in my creative space because it is so quiet and peaceful in there that I have found myself dozing off on many occasion and waking up hours later. Maybe I have made it a bit too soothing and calming? J

6. Do you set creative goals for yourself, things you’d like to learn or try? Do you have a creativity bucket list, so to speak?

Always! I am pretty decent at knitting, but I have always wanted to learn to crochet. I have terrible handwriting, but am so intrigued by calligraphy and all the lettering crafts that are out there. There are many more, I am sure, but those are two that I am really wanting to learn and master.

My husband gave me a SkillShare membership for the year as a holiday gift and I have been taking classes while I walk on my treadmill which makes me feel like I am knocking two things off my to-do list. It’s been really great and has even expanded my creativity bucket list!

I hope I am always the kind of person that has a creativity bucket list! Don’t you?

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