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An Overdue Date Night & Touring Downtown Charles Town, WV

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For my final challenge as an Official Apartment Guide Organizing Blogger, Sean and I headed to nearby Charles Town, WV for a long-overdue date night and a chance to explore this historic downtown area.

We don’t get many date nights, and we’re okay with that, but we’d definitely both been feeling like it was time to get out and go do something together and without little ones underfoot! Thankfully, the stars aligned and Sean’s mom was able to watch the girls for us, so we dropped them off before heading to Glory Days for a quick bite to eat.

Once we had stuffed our faces with yummy crab dip and our entrees (bacon cheeseburger for Sean, queso hotdogs for me — because we’re fancy like that), we hopped back in the car to head downtown.


Sean and I have always loved historic downtown areas, and I really thought we’d end up in a little town like this rather than the boonies (that was maybe before I knew I was an introvert, though — ha!).

Charles Town boasts a quaint little historic area, with flower pot-lined streets, brick pavers and a rich history.

charles town wv

Across the street from the town hall is the Charles Town Library. I’ve always said it would be fun to visit the local library in every town we visit and take a picture in front, but we have yet to actually do that!

charles town wv

As you head further into downtown, you discover a variety of small businesses, like this cute cafe…


…and this classic barber shop!


Head in the other direction — toward the Visitor’s Center and Judicial Building — to discover even more about this town’s history…

charles town wv

…which was founded in 1786 and named for George Washington’s brother!

charles town wv

According to the official Charles Town, WV website, “Charles Town was the scene of the trial and execution of John Brown, the famous abolitionist whose raid on nearby Harpers Ferry sparked the Civil War.  Two of the three treason trials ever held in the United States were conducted at the courthouse located here.”

charles town wv

After our visit, we headed back to the suburbs to pick up the girls, getting them all buckled into the car just before  a storm rolled in!

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When was your last date night?

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