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An updated master bedroom {modular home house tour}

Eight years ago we built our home on a little slice of heaven in West Virginia. It was delivered in four boxes after being built in a factory, and a team of workers bolted the pieces together, added siding, and began the process of finishing the inside.

Today, no one would guess that it was a modular home because we’ve made it our own.

Five years ago, I did a home tour series with pictures of our house.

Today, Sean’s style has changed from modern to more cottage-y. (He is a talented designer and craftsman, so I’m happy to let him make decisions about our home…they always turn out beautifully.)

We also have quite a few unfinished projects throughout our home because he tends to get excited about a new project and bounce from one to another (don’t we all?), but—in anticipation of either selling our house in two years for our big trip or staying here if things don’t work out—he’s working room by room to finish each one once and for all.

I’m hoping to share regular updates as he completes projects, although who knows how much progress he’ll make after Baby Lucas is born or after he starts his interior paint and trim work business full time in the New Year.

But for now, here’s the master bedroom…

Updated master bedroom tour

For the first time in our entire marriage, we have a “real” master bedroom—the kind of room that feels like a retreat and that is off limits to the dog and the girls (although both babies will sleep in here for now!).

We bought a proper bed frame, added proper bedding, and it really does feel like a sanctuary every time I walk in. I think we’re adulting here, people!

You can’t really tell in photos, but the walls above the wainscoting are actually a very, very pale blue (Silent Delight by Olympic Icon).

Updated master bedroom tour

BED FRAME :: Coleman Furniture // BEDDING :: Home Goods // NIGHTSTANDS :: Ikea  // TABLE LAMPS :: Home Goods // FLOOR VASES :: Home Goods

The table lamps are quite possibly my favorite addition. I love walking into the room at night to find that Sean’s switched on my lamp already. It gives the room such a beautiful glow and sometimes I just want to crawl in bed to write in a notebook or make my list for the next day because it’s so cozy!

Updated master bedroom tour

Our room is not big, so at the foot of the bed there is just enough room to walk through and to get in the wardrobes. But I love having a king bed so much, and I actually really like that the room feels full and cozy (but not cluttered) rather than open with a lot of extra space.

Updated master bedroom tour

One of the big changes we made—in addition to the wainscoting and grid on the back wall—was to paint our barn doors white. I honestly wasn’t sure about this ahead of time, but I love it so much. It makes the room feel even brighter (which I wouldn’t have thought was possible!), and it just really fits the look of the room.

I love having a finished bedroom, and I love how it turned out. I wish Sean could have unlimited time to work on the rest of the house because I’m so excited to see what he does to the other rooms!