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An Updated Virtual Home Tour

This post is a bit overdue. A few people have noticed the changes we’ve made to the main living area of our home on Instagram and in pictures here on the blog, and I keep promising an updated home tour!

After months of promising, I finally took some pictures today to share with you! For the rest of our home, be sure to check out the full first level tour, the girls room and guest room and my office.

Virtual Home Tour

The biggest change in our home recently has been the “big” wall in our family room. When we first moved in, our couch was on the opposite wall, against the stairs, and our TV was on this big wall, but even with the wooden squares we had behind the entertainment center (see the original pictures here) that huge wall looked so plain and unfinished.

Last year we decided to move the couch to the big wall, finish it with some white-washed wood and build a mantle across the wall. My talented hubby then built the beautiful tree motif, and we added the big clock and lantern from Hobby Lobby as well as a few other special knick knacks.

At Christmas, we hung our stockings underneath the mantle and set up our Christmas village in place of the “RELAX” sign and books, which was pretty much perfection!

Virtual Home Tour

Here’s another look at the seating underneath the mantle. My spot’s on the chaise, and whether I’m working on the laptop, curled up with a good book or surrounded by four snuggly girls, it’s my favorite place to be!

I intended to add letters to the banner in the window to say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”, but I just haven’t gotten to it. I kind of like the banner just the way it is anyway!

Virtual Home Tour

When we moved the couch to the big wall, we also moved the entertainment center to the stair wall and added rock behind it, which makes it feel so cozy and “finished” as opposed to a blank wall.

Having the TV on that wall prevents the sound from disappearing into the rest of the first level and also keeps the girls from sneaking to the top of the steps at night while we’re watching TV!

Virtual Home Tour

We also updated the faux fireplace in our entryway with a painting that we were given after Sean’s grandmother passed away. It doesn’t really match the minimalist modern style of the rest of our home, but I think that makes me love it that much more.

Much to Sean’s chagrin, I decided that the fireplace opening shouldn’t go unused, so I added our family’s antique button box (which has been passed down from generation to generation) as well as the books from the library and our own collection that I want to make available for the girls each week, usually coinciding with what we’re studying at the time.

Virtual Home Tour

Finally, we also inherited the piano that my grandmother practiced on when she was a little girl, but because our home isn’t huge, there’s no great place for it downstairs. The upstairs office might be a good place for it eventually, we aren’t quite ready to hire someone to get it up there for us!

Instead, it ended up in the kitchen, where it sits beautifully against the windows but makes things feel just a little bit crowded next to our picnic table. If nothing else, it’s easy to make sure they’re practicing each morning!

The piano looked beautiful at Christmastime, with our advent wreath, poinsettia and a few additional candles on top, but I’ve found that keeping our current homeschool stuff accessible and in plain site makes it easier for us to get everything done, so that’s what we do. Not quite the stuff that a model home is made of, but it’s real life!

(And yes, my poinsettia is still there; I just can’t bring myself to kill a perfectly good plant on purpose since it’s lived through all of my accidental neglect!)