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source: Heidi @ Mt. Hope

Are You an Influencer?

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Are You an Influencer?
source: Heidi @ Mt. Hope

As a blogger, one of my goals is to be an influencer…to share the things I’m learning with others in a way that makes them take a second look and want to dig deeper themselves as well as to introduce my readers to new brands and build conversations around hot topics.

There are a few bloggers who do this amazingly well and who’ve had a profound influence over our family’s green/real food journey. If you follow me on Tumblr, Twitter or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen posts from these bloggers regularly in my feeds:

Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home
Stephanie is so incredibly authentic. She’s passionate and lives her convictions, but she’s also really down-to-earth and balanced. I had the privilege of spending the weekend with Stephanie (and a few other favorite bloggers!) in Williamsburg earlier this month, and it was really refreshing to be around her because she really walks the walk, but I never once felt stressed or judged…just intrigued!

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship
No one — and I mean no one — does research like Katie. She is so incredibly thorough in everything she does, but she’s also incredibly humble. I love that she’s willing to learn from her readers and other bloggers, and she never hesitates to update her posts with new information she learns. I also love that Katie’s willing to say, “This green alternative isn’t worth the cost” or “These are the ways I cheat in green living.” She inspires me with every post she writes!

Laura @ Heavenly Homemaker
I don’t know what rock I had been living under, but I’m a relatively new Heavenly Homemaker reader, and I’m hooked. Like Stephanie and Katie, Laura is incredibly balanced in her approach to real food — she adapts recipes to make them healthier, but she freely admits that there are times when she feels overwhelmed by it all and chooses to focus on her family instead.

I love the approach of all three of these bloggers. They’re balanced and authentic, and while they would never claim to be perfect, I trust the things they say.

It’s also bloggers like these that companies love to work with because they know that these communities are vibrant and real and that these bloggers are true influencers!

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Now, I’m curious: What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

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