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Are You Attending The Mom Summit Online?

The Mom Summit

Are you going to The Mom Summit?

The Mom Summit is FREE and available online from March 31 – April 7, 2014.

Amy McCready is one of my favorite parenting “experts” with her no-nonsense style and über-practical advice, and she’s just one of 30 amazing authors/speakers who will be participating in The Mom Summit, which will take place entirely online from 3/31-4/7.

No mom is perfect, but the beauty of the internet is we can all learn from each other! The Mom Summit will inspire and encourage moms around the world with new ideas to simplify life and leave more time for the joys of motherhood.

Register today for FREE and get access to five bonus videos as well:

The Mom Summit

During this 100% FREE online summit you’ll be inspired to…

  • Enjoy being a mother by learning how to stop comparing, judging, or feeling guilty
  • Put dinner on the table with a few simple tricks when you create 30 days worth of meals in just a few hours (you’re going to LOVE this!)
  • Get your kids to listen without yelling, nagging, or reminding (this will change your life)
  • Organize any space and keep it that way (what?!)
  • Maintain (or re-light) the spark in your relationship
  • Reclaim your rockin’ bod’ after childbirth without DIEting
  • Take simple steps to define your time and balance being a mom with other projects/work
  • And much more!

The Mom Summit

{I am an affiliate of The Mom Summit, but I’ll be watching and learning along with you!}