Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden

source: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton
source: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton

A few weeks ago, we talked about natural pesticides and methods for keeping pests away from your garden, but if you want to attract butterflies, planting certain flowers is an an easy way to create a beautiful space for both you and them to enjoy.

My husband recently planted butterfly bushes along the sides of our front porch, and there are now dozens of butterflies flitting about at any given time. I love to just sit and watch them, and my girls love to play tag with them.


Although you should be sure to choose flowers that are a good fit for your planting zone and yard (depending on the amount of sun they need, etc.), here is a list of some popular plants that are known for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds:

  • Violets (#2 above, by *spud*)
  • Geraniums (#3 above, by MalayalaM)
  • Butterfly bushes (#4 above, by Wilson17)
  • Lavender (#5 above,by Limbo Poet)
  • Azaleas (#6 above, by faungg)
  • Dandelions (#7 above, by Code Poet)
  • Fairy Tale Pink Daylilies (#8 above, by Princes Milady)
  • Marigold (#9 above, by Jasmine&Roses)
  • Chrysanthemums (#10 above, by Martin Labar)
  • Lilacs (#11 above, by AriCee)

If you’re looking to put more time and effort into growing a butterfly garden, refer to the Butterflies and Moths of North America map for the butterflies that are native to your area and the plants that those caterpillars and butterflies prefer!

Do you have many butterflies in your yard? Do you have any of these butterfly-friendly flowers already?

*Photo #1 by Vicki’s Nature
*Photo #12 by jhaskellus