Avoid Perfection Paralysis {31 Days to Your Goal}

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Anyone else struggle with perfection paralysis? It’s the idea that if you can’t do something perfectly, or the way you imagine it in your head, there’s no point in doing it at all. And guess what? Perfection paralysis will keep you from ever reaching your goals because life tends to get in the way of perfection pretty often!

"The maxim 'Nothing avails but perfection' may also be spelled 'paralysis'. | 31 Days to Your Goal at lifeyourway.net

Perfection paralysis also tells us that if we’re focusing on goal #1, we should actively avoid doing anything toward goals #2 and #3 since we aren’t focusing on them right now.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“What’s the point of working out today when I know I won’t have time for the next few days?”

“One day I’m going to change my eating habits, but I just don’t have time to worry about it right now.”

“This project is going to take forever; no point in trying to start it right now.”

“No time to read this month; that’s my goal for next month.”:

Just because you’re focused on one goal this month doesn’t mean you have to avoid the others.

If you have a moment to exercise — even if that’s not your goal for January — do it. If you have a choice between a yummy homemade salad and drive-thru fast food, pick the salad. And if inspiration strikes and you have a few minutes to work on a project you’re excited about, take it!

Do you find yourself holding back on goals when you don’t have time to focus on them?