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Although it’s “only” been four years since our youngest daughter was born, it seems like there’s a whole new world of baby items available.

I’ve never been a fan of gadgets like wipe warmers or tons of different baby gear, and I’d like to think I’m fairly minimalist as a new mom, but I have made a few discoveries this time around that I rave about constantly and wanted to share with you as well.

Here are my favorites:

1. Rock ‘n Play Sleeper from Fisher Price

All of our girls had reflux as infants, and they all slept on their tummies. This time, however, we were hopeful that eliminating dairy from my diet would prevent the reflux for Jackson. For a while it seemed like that might work, and by the time Jackson began to show symptoms of reflux and have trouble sleeping, he had no interest in sleeping on his tummy.

Enter the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. I have several friends who had mentioned how much they love this sleeper — from the incline to the vibration to the rocking motion — and when I saw a lightning deal on Amazon, we decided to give it a try. Honestly, Jackson has slept better from the moment we put him in it. And while I think he would probably be a good sleeper anyway now that his reflux is under control, I credit the Rock ‘n Play with him sleeping through the nighton a regular basis!

2. Floor/Crib Mirror from Sassy

We had a baby mirror when our oldest was a baby, and she loved it, but I don’t remember any of our other kids using one. However, Jackson loves to lay and stare at this mirror — not just at his own reflection (or Mommy’s in the background), but at the geometric patterns and colorful bugs as well. I’m sure any mirror would be great for an infant, but we really like this one!

3. Leg Warmers from JuDanzy

My girls have always worn BabyLegs, and they still use our collection as leg warmers, wrist guards and more. However, when I started searching for leg warmers for Jackson (who hates to be cold!), I didn’t love the selection of boy styles from BabyLegs. I did a second search on Amazon and was excited to find the juDanzy brand leg warmers in a ton of great styles, including these cool football leg warmers, which he’s sported throughout football season (Hail to the Redskins!).

4. Swaddling Blankets from aden + anais

When we were in Disney last year, Amy had one of these swaddling blankets for her son, Cam. She raved about their versatility — as swaddling blankets, lovies, nursing covers, changing pads, etc. — and I knew we’d be adding some to our baby gear. aden + anais sent me a pack of the cotton muslin blankets for review during our Baby Week, and my mom bought us a set of the bamboo ones. I love both styles for different uses: the cotton muslin is perfect for swaddling. It gets softer and thicker with each wash, and it’s got enough structure to really swaddle him tightly without overheating. On the other hand, I love the bamboo muslin for nursing in public because the material is actually cool against my skin rather than making me hot while we nurse. The bamboo is very, very soft and almost silky, though, so I don’t like it as much for swaddling.

5. Burpy Bibs from aden + anais

Another aden + anais product I love are these burpy bibs. I also received a review set of these, but we’ve purchased additional sets as well. Not only are these thick burp cloths that are shaped perfectly for maximum shoulder coverage, but the unique design also lets you snap the ends together for a thick, full-coverage bib as baby gets older. Like the blankets, these are made from cotton muslin, and they get thicker and softer every time we wash them!

6. Monkey Pacifier from Wubbanub

I had been seeing the Wubbanub pacifiers a lot, and I started asking friends what they thought about them. Without fail, every mom I asked said they were great for keeping track of the paci and making it easier for baby to put it back in themselves. Although Jackson doesn’t yet have the hand control to insert his own paci, we love to use the Wubbanub at night¬† so that I can find his paci without even opening my eyes, and in the car since it’s so much easier to grab onto it. We still have several regular pacis for when I’m holding him or have him in the sling, but when he’s in his bed or carseat, the Wubbanub is a lifesaver!

7. Wrap Baby Carrier from Boba

And finally, the Boba Wrap has been my absolute favorite baby carrier so far! I had a wrap when our second daughter was a baby, but I just didn’t use it very often. This time, however, I use the Boba several times a day and whenever we’re out and about. It holds Jackson nice and snug so that he drifts right off to sleep while I homeschool the girls, grocery shop, etc. Because it’s so snug, it also keeps both of us really warm, and we attended our city’s Christmas parade and our church’s live outdoor nativity on cold nights without any issues! Although I have received other baby carriers from Boba as a Boba Ambassador, I am going to be really sad when he grows out of this one!

What are your favorite baby products?