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101 Days of Christmas: Baby’s 1st Christmas Onesie

I love having a little baby at Christmastime (which is good since this will be our fourth fall baby), and one of my favorite parts is all the cute “Baby’s 1st Christmas” onesie outfits available!

We received a couple of hand-me-down sleepers, and I couldn’t resist this set from Carter’s, but I had some green and red flocked heat transfer vinyl from Silhouette, and I was so excited to make this onesie for Jackson as well.

Honestly, I don’t use the Silhouette Cutter all that much (although I have a ton of project ideas in my head), but my husband uses it all the time to make custom vinyl stickers for his RC planes. If you’re a crafty person (the kind that actually follows through, not just makes lists in her head!), it’s definitely a fun and handy tool.



Open the Baby’s 1st Christmas image file in Silhouette Studio. Separate the image into two files so you can cut part of it in green and part in red.

Select “Flocked Heat Transfer Material” in the media menu and then feed the material into the Silhouette. No need to use a cutting mat; just feed it with the clear transfer sheet side down.

Peel the negative space off the transfer tape so that you’re left with the design you want on your onesie.

Start by positioning the “1st Christmas” cutout on the onesie, with the clear tape facing up. Place a cloth over the design. Press firmly on the design using an iron set to cotton for 45-60 seconds. Gently peel the transfer sheet away from the design. Repeat with the iron if the flocked material is still sticking to the transfer sheet.

Repeat with the tree and then with “baby’s” until the design is complete.

Be sure to wash inside out to protect your design.

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Featured Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay