Back-to-School Routines for Your Family

back to school routines
source: woodley wonderworks

My monthly column is up at Zen Family Habits, and I’m talking about back-to-school routines!

Has the new school year started for your family?

Whether it’s already back in session or you’re gearing up for it to start in the next few weeks, take some time to think through your family’s routines and schedules during the school year. Look for ways to connect more and get through “transition” times more efficiently to decrease stress for the whole family.

Here are some tips to help you get started, and they’re tips that apply whether your kids attend school or are homeschooled:

Evening Routines

To make your mornings smoother and easier on everyone in the family, try incorporating some of these tasks into your evening routine:

  • Lay out clothes for the next day
  • Make sure backpacks are ready to go by the door
  • Pack lunches
  • Review your schedule, to-do list and meal plan

Getting these things done the evening before – when there is no rush to get out the door – eliminates the stress associated with morning routines so you can start your day out more peacefully.

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