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Back to the Basics: Using Naked Binders to Get Organized

naked binderLike many of you, I have a deep appreciation for office supplies. As in I’d rather visit OfficeMax than Kay Jewelers.

A couple weeks ago, I introduced you to Naked Binder, a Life Your Way sponsor, and their line of environmentally friendly binders. They also sent me a set to test for myself, and I really, really like the look and feel of these binders. They’re made from 97% post consumer waste and are completely recyclable, which is pretty awesome, but they’ve also been independently tested to withstand more than 250,000 flexes. That’s a lot of use!

In addition, the project binders come with your choice of colorful spine wraps. I think all office supply addicts agree that color-coding makes everything better, and these snazzy spine wraps are a great way to organize your binders by color.

I set out to think of all of the ways you can use binders around your home, but I have a feeling this list is still incomplete, so I’d love to hear what other ways you use binders!

recipe binder

At Home

  • Home management notebook
  • Pages you’ve pulled out of magazines
  • Recipes & kitchen tips
  • Manuals & warranty information
  • Coupons
  • Holiday planning
  • Photos and scrapbooking
  • Sermon or Bible study notes
bible study notebook

For Business

  • Brainstorming and continuing education
  • Important reference documents
  • Organize receipts and other financial information

For Kids

  • School binders (color coded by child!)
  • Lego manuals, puzzle guides, game manuals, etc
  • Save special artwork
  • Baseball card collection
  • Activity books: place activities in page protectors and do with dry erase markers
school binders

For Homeschoolers

  • Lesson plans and printable curricula (color coded by year)
  • Recordkeeping
  • Subject notebooks
  • Classical Conversations memory work (like in the photo above)

How else do you use binders?