Being Content With Our Homes, Part 2

source: akoray
source: akoray

I’m still thinking about contentment a lot these days in regards to how I feel about my home. My husband continues to knock out projects both inside and out, and it’s always exciting when he finishes another project.

What I’ve realized recently is that when discontentment does creep in, it is almost always in regards to seeing my home through someone else’s eyes. It happens when I wonder what my mom thinks about the built-in toy shelf in our kitchen that desperately needs a new coat of paint or what the neighbors might think of the picnic table in our kitchen or how people view our custom art and fixtures.

And as I get ready to post my house tour, I wonder what you all are going to think too. It’s definitely minimalist, so will it seem cold to you, even though it doesn’t to us? Will you notice the areas where we’ve hacked a temporary solution because we didn’t have time or money to do something else?

To be clear, I really don’t know what people who visit our home think. They may not notice, or even if they do, they might not care at all!

I think it’s important to look at our homes through other people’s eyes from a hospitality perspective. What can we do to make people more comfortable in our homes, to make sure they feel welcome?

But when we start to judge our homes based on how other people might view our decorating choices or our unfinished projects, or when we start to compare our homes to other people’s homes, that’s when we grow discontented.

Is there an area in your home that you love — or at least tolerate — until you start to view it through other people’s eyes? Are you trying to hold yourself up to other people’s standards and allowing discontentment to fester when you don’t measure up?