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Best 10 Jobs for Moms

Are you a mother looking for a job that will accommodate your work-life balance? Parenting requires an adequate balance of work and personal life. Having a flexible schedule means having more quality time with your family. Scrambling for adequate daycare can be a nightmare when you have to work long hours.

There are quite a few jobs that allow for flexible hours or working at home while offering good pay and a flexible schedule. Your professional success should not come at the expense of a fulfilling relationship with your children. Here is a list of 10 jobs that won’t keep you away from your kids for too long.

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1. Website Developer

Website development has become simplified over the past few years. Content Management Systems like WordPress, Wix, and Square Space rarely need advanced coding. There is always a company or individual looking to create their own online platform, hassle-free. As a Website Developer, you can set your own hours, although deadlines are generally determined by the client.

2. Yoga Teacher

Do you love yoga and have established a regular practice? Then you can take up a yoga teacher training course with a recognized yoga association, and start teaching!

The beauty of teaching yoga is that you can pretty much set your own hours by deciding when your classes will be. The advantage of working in an establishment like a gym or studio is that you can negotiate to swap classes with other instructors should you have an unexpected commitment.

3. Online Writer

Are you a good writer? Do words simply flow through you like a stream leading to an oceanic scenery of creativity? Then one of the stay-at-home jobs you can consider is an online writing job. There are plenty of websites that pay writers for different writing gigs.

In this environment, you are looking at a diverse range of top writing jobs. There are sites that offer CV/Resume writing services, SEO content generation, and custom term paper writing services. The online writing services provide thesis, dissertation, college essays, and other writing work on demand of students. If you excel in academic writing skills, you can think of working with one.

4. Fitness Trainer

Perhaps everyone is wondering how you lost all that extra baby weight, and you are already into staying fit and healthy. This is a career that is fast growing in popularity because people are generally becoming more health-conscious.

Once you complete a professional course, you can get started with training. You can also have a one-on-one option for clients who have specific needs.

5. Mommy Blogger

You can channel your writing skills into writing about your life and observations as a mother. This has to be one of the coolest mommy jobs online because there are a number of parenting magazines looking for writers who are mothers.

Of course, it might a little difficult finding the ideal publication and getting an editor to publish your content. Once your blog becomes popular, you might receive offers for writing jobs from big media houses as a remote worker.

Need Help with Blog / Website

You can easily hire web developers like to work for on your website. They will listen to all your needs and build a beautiful website and take care of all the technical work leaving you with just content creation or managing your website/online store.

6. Elementary School Teacher

Having kids of your own can equip you with the skills you need to effectively manage children in the elementary school environment. If you are a naturally creative and quick thinker, the job might be ideal for you.

The cool thing is that the hours would line up with your child/children’s school hours. Being a teacher is also a good way to gain new skills that you can bring home and offers a lot of perks. Apart from going on awesome field trips, you also school holidays with your children and get a well-deserved break.

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7. Dental Hygienist

The job might make you smile more often because dental hygienists mostly work part-time hours. Working in a dental office mostly requires your presence when the dentist has appointments. In addition, dentistry does not require overtime or working late.

The flexible hours allow you to be at home in time for when your children get back from school and attend necessary school meetings and sports’ games.

8. Online Therapist

The world of psychology is developing to accommodate technological advancements. If you are already a qualified psychologist, therapist, or counselor – you can sign up to a site that offers a service of this nature.

People around the world are invested in their mental health and often cannot afford mainstream options. Online therapy offers the service at a fraction of the cost, and counselors have the opportunity to offer help from the comfort of their own home.

9. Market Research Analyst

Moms can apply their spark and attention to detail by working as a contractor working from home. Many companies seek the opinions of consumers to improve their products and services based on market segment data.

The job is ideal for a mother looking to fulfill her time with diverse and interesting activities on a daily basis. It’s one of the best at home careers as you can work remotely.

10. Social Media Manager

Are you a social media expert? Well, you could consider turning into a profession by managing social media for influential individual and companies. There is a high demand for people who can intuitively manage social media accounts to solicit engagement from users.


The joy of becoming a mother comes with its own struggles, of course. In the first few years juggling your career and motherhood, it is important to be patient in striking a balance. These jobs not only allow you to earn an income, but also ensure that you don’t suffer burnout. Time for all your children is important. A flexible job allows them to grow up within a healthy and balanced environment where a mother is fully present. Having flexible hours also means that you can take much-needed quality time to yourself to relax, and get rest from stressful times.