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Better Breakfasts for Your Family

Mornings with your family offer the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and eat a healthy breakfast. It is the best way to start your day with many key nutrients your body needs, including calcium, fiber, and protein. The foods you choose to eat for your first meal of the day are crucial for improving your overall health. Making the right choices in the morning will set you up to make better choices for the rest of the day. Before heading out for your day of work or school, follow some of the tips below to have better, healthier breakfasts while spending precious time with loved ones.

1. Include Healthy Ingredients Like Oats and Whole Grains

Many people make the mistake of thinking they need to skip the carbs. Carbs and whole grains are not the enemies. While it’s wise to limit the number of bagels, coffee cakes, and donuts your family consumes every morning, you should incorporate whole grains in the form of cereals and English muffins. Oatmeal is another healthy breakfast choice. Opt for steel-cut oats over rolled oats when choosing this classic breakfast food. The benefits of steel-cut oats versus rolled oats are that they have fewer calories, a lower glycemic index, and provide a good source of daily fiber.

2. Include Healthy Protein-Rich Foods

To stay full and energized throughout your morning, include foods in your breakfast meal that are rich in protein. Some great choices include eggs, egg whites, and low-fat Greek yogurts. If you are good with portion control, peanut butter or almond butter on some whole-grain toast is a delicious option the whole family could enjoy. Any low-fat or skim milk and cheeses added to your breakfast will also offer the protein you need.

3. Include a Serving of Fruit

Add a serving of fruit to your morning meal to get some essential minerals, vitamins, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. Consider opting for fruit in a season your family enjoys. A cup of melon or berries is a great option. Pears and apples are great fruits when you want a piece of fruit on the go. Whole fruits are preferred over juices because they are often lower in calories and sugar and higher in fiber.

4. Sit Down With Your Family

Many families find themselves rushing to get ready in the mornings and prepare for the day. It is important to make time to sit and eat with your family at breakfast and other meal times. Sit down to eat and enjoy your meals mindfully. It can be better for your health to sit down and enjoy a serving of whole-grain cereal mindfully than eating a “healthy energy bar” while on the go.

5. Slow the Meal Down

Along with taking time to sit down with your family and mindfully eat your breakfast, it is equally important not to rush the process. Pay attention to what you are eating. The more attentive you are while eating your food, the less you will end up eating. When you slow down while eating, your body can register what you are consuming. It will help you feel full and satisfied with less food.

Spending a little time with your family and enjoying a healthy breakfast in the mornings will not always be easy. Just as with preparing your clothes and schoolwork the night before, a great breakfast can be prepared the night before to make your mornings go off without a hitch. Time spent with your family in the morning over a healthy meal will get your day started right.