Birthday Bonanza: $100 Insect Lore Gift Certificate

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insect lore

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So it might seem a little strange to jump from Le Creuset to Insect Lore, but a giveaway in the spring just wouldn’t be complete without including this company, which is a staple of our springtime traditions.

Insect Lore offers a variety of living kits — from butterflies, frogs and praying mantises (cool!) to spiders and worms (shudder!) as well as resources for learning more about the life cycles of each!

insect loreThe Live Butterfly Garden is Insect Lore’s cornerstone product and the first one we tried several years ago. There is nothing cooler than watching the caterpillars grow and then shed their skin as they change into chrysalides, except perhaps seeing them emerge as butterflies!

Our four year old has been especially enthusiastic about the transformation this year, her first year to truly appreciate it, and we actually got to see one of the caterpillars become a chrysalide the other day, which was a first for us.

The kit includes a colorful pop-up habitat, one cup containing 3 to 5 butterfly larvae with special food, a feeding kit and complete instructions.

praying mantisAlthough we didn’t do it this year, one of my favorite kits is the Praying Mantis Kit. It is amazing to see the praying mantises as they emerge from the egg case, and to this day we have an abundance of these insects living around our home, which I love!

This kit includes a breathable and hangable pop-up port-a-bug habitat, one live praying mantis egg case, and a mantis care guide for keeping and releasing your mantises. Note: egg cases available seasonally Mid-January to May, or while supplies last.

insect-loreWe’ve also raised lady bugs, and this year we got a frog hatchery, so we’re anxious for our eggs to arrive so we can watch the development of the tadpoles to frogs. In addition, they have a variety of cool activities like owl pellets to dissect and dino stencils to trace and color.

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This week, Insect Lore is giving one lucky Life Your Way reader a $100 gift certificate!

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