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Bought a New Home?

Do These Projects Before You Move In!

Did you buy a new home recently? Purchasing a new home can be very exciting and you can’t wait to move in.  If you’re able to, resist moving in as soon as you sign the closing papers and get your new set of keys. It’s likely that you’ll need to do a few projects around the house, even if you consider your new home move-in ready. Outside of customizing the look and design of your home, many home improvement projects are essential prior to moving in.

Many of these projects will not only make your new home more environmentally friendly, but they’ll also improve the safety of the home for you and your children.

This short article will look at a few essential home improvement projects you should consider carrying out in a new house before moving in.

Replace Exterior Locks

Replacing exterior locks should be the first thing on your to-do list after purchasing a new home. You have no idea who might still have a copy of your key. Previous owners, realtors, or even contractors may still have a key to your home.

By replacing the exterior locks of your new house, you are guaranteeing your family’s safety. You can purchase new lock and keys sets at any hardware store. Many kits are easy enough to do yourself. This also might give you the opportunity to upgrade your door handles if you don’t love them. Not handy? You can have a local locksmith come over and change out the locks for you.

Add a fresh coat of paint
Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Exterior and Interior painting

You can probably skip painting if your home is brand new, but for many new homeowners, a fresh coat of paint is high on their list of to-dos.

Painting your new home before you move in allows you to add your own personality to the home. If it’s age-appropriate, consider working with your children to pick out a fun, new color for their new room.

The majority of new homeowners often paint the living room, the kitchen, and the exterior of their house. If you can afford to, you can paint every room if it fits into your budget! A neutral color scheme is popular for the exterior of most homes. When it comes to picking your exterior paint colors, check out these Gustafson Painting tips. You can even look at other homes in your neighborhood for inspiration.

If you paint the interior of your new home, leave a few days for the fumes to dissipate before moving in. Enlist a few friends to help you paint on a weekend or hire professional painters to do the job.

Install a Home Security System

For many, a home security system is an essential upgrade. This extra layer of security can help ease your mind and deter potential burglars or intruders, as many security cameras are visible. A home security system can also help you get a better deal on your homeowner’s insurance since your home will be less risky.

If you’ve never purchased a home security system before, there are a few features to consider:

● Cameras

● Hotline to the police or emergency services

● Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

● Fire alarms

● Keycode or biometric security

Build a Fence

If your home is next to a busy street, in a crowded neighborhood, or close to a commercial zone, you should seriously look for a fence company install and consider a fence around your property line. Fences from Zion Fence protect your children and pets from wandering off. A fence will also keep your children within the premises and prevent others from intruding in.

Check with your HOA or local government before installing a fence. Often you need to buy a certain design or have a permit prior to building.

Fix Essentials

If you’re not moving into a brand-new build, you’ll want to check the electrical system and plumbing prior to moving in. A bad electrical system puts you and your family’s life at risk because of the risk of fire, so be sure to get essentials fixed early.

Minor repairs such as new light bulbs or replacing broken or outdated fixtures can also be done before moving in. You should hire a trained electrician to come in and complete this work.

Your plumbing should be checked for damaged pipes, old valves, and leaks. If any of these issues go unchecked, they can lead to very expensive repairs and damage later on. You can also have any areas inspected for mold issues that need to be resolved prior to move in. Work with a professional plumber to inspect and repair any problems that you find.

Congratulations to you and your family on your new home! Moving with kids is never easy, but hopefully, by completing these tasks early, you’re saving yourself money and stress down the road. Cosmetic improvements and decorating can always be done after these important changes are made. Once they are done, you’ll be able to move into your new place and enjoy it, stress-free!