Break the Sugar Habit Challenge {Third Week Check In}

break-the-sugar-challengeJust one more week to go for the Break the Sugar Habit Challenge…is it getting easier or harder for you to avoid sugar?

We were home for most of this week and that definitely reduced the pressure and stress I was feeling last week about trying to maintain the challenge while out and about.

However, I do have a confession to make…

Over the weekend, we stopped at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for my favorite “healthy fast food”…an all-fruit smoothie. What I hadn’t realized was that it was National Flip Flop Day, and they were giving away a FREE smoothie to everyone wearing flip-flops. Well, there were 6 of us, and sure enough, we all had on flip flops!

Unfortunately, to take advantage of the offer, you had to accept one of their pre-made smoothies. While we typically order ours without sugar (our practice even before the challenge), they regularly have turbinado sugar added.

The frugal side of me (aka, the cheap side…) wouldn’t let me pass up free lunch on a technicality. I am 99% certain that if it had been refined sugar, I would have chosen to order our regular “no sugar” smoothies, but since it was a less refined alternative, I decided it would be okay.

The success in this was that I didn’t get one for myself, and since I’m the one with the real sugar issues, that’s pretty good!

Family Support

Like Amy, I’m so thankful for the support of our parents in this challenge. We spent the weekend at my dad’s, the big girls have been at my mom’s all week, and Sean and the girls went for dinner at his mom’s on Tuesday. They’ve all really gone out of their way to accommodate our food restrictions, and that’s been a huge help as we do this!

The Backstory

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