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101 Days of Christmas: Burlap & Button Ornaments

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This project didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned it, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, because I think it has potential. I’d love to try it with different shapes, different colored buttons, etc. — but you know, 101 projects to do!

My mom actually has a heart ornament like this hanging in her foyer, and that was my inspiration for what is basically a grown-up version of these felt tree ornaments that we love to do with our kids. It’s not the easiest of our projects this year, but it’s not especially difficult either. The hardest part is cutting the burlap straight — hence the crooked tree in my picture!


  • burlap
  • twine or ribbon
  • white glue
  • buttons in various sizes/colors


First, decide on a shape for your ornament. Cut out two pieces of burlap in that shape, leaving a 1/4″ seam allowance around the edges.

Make a loop from your twine or ribbon and lay that in between the two pieces of fabric with the ends extending through the top. Glue together on three sides. I like the fringe on the bottom of this tree, so I left that side open during this first step.

Once the glue dries, turn the ornament inside out so the seams are inside and the loop is outside. Stuff with batting. Remove strands of burlap from the bottom of your fabric to create a fringe and then glue the bottom closed. Let dry.

Finally, glue the buttons in place on the front of your ornament, as close together as you can. Let dry before hanging.


  • Use a sewing machine to sew the edges of your ornament instead of gluing them.
  • Hand stitch the buttons in place before you glue the two pieces of burlap together.

What do you think? Does this project have potential?

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