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101 Days of Christmas: Burlap Tree

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Oh, burlap, how I love you!

I saw a burlap tree at Hobby Lobby earlier this fall, and since this is the year of burlap (unintentionally, but it’s hard to deny that theme!), I knew I had to try to make one myself.

At first, I was worried the edges would need to be stitched or sealed so they wouldn’t fray, but it ended up holding pretty well without any extra steps. Which is good because I’m lazy careful with my time.


  • styrofoam cone/tree
  • white glue or hot glue
  • burlap
  • scissors


Cut 1-1/2″ to 2″ strips of burlap. It’s important that you cut the burlap straight, and I love this handy trick for creating a “cut line” to follow.

Pull off 4-5 strands from one side of each strip to create a frayed edge. The top strand on the other edge may come off as well, so I just removed it from each of my strips.

Begin gluing the burlap to the bottom of the tree. I glued one row in a straight circle to cover the bottom and then began angling my strip to wrap up and around the cone. Add glue to a section of the burlap at a time, carefully wrapping it around the cone and pressing it in place.

As you get to the smaller part of the cone, snip the top “rail” of the strip every few inches so that you can continue creating an upward angle.

Wrap one final piece around the top of the tree, leaving 3/4″ of burlap extending past the top, then fold and glue the edges like a present.

Try different sized trees or different color burlaps to create a collection of trees for your mantle or shelf!

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