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101 Days of Christmas: Busy Bag Stocking Stuffers

busy bags

I first saw this cute busy bag idea at Money Saving Mom, and it seemed like the perfect addition to the stocking stuffers for our littlest girls.

Not only do these encourage creativity and fine motor skills, but they’re super easy to make too. I cut out the pieces one evening while making dinner!


  • colored felt
  • stiff felt for the board
  • scissors
  • hole punch (optional)


Decide on your shapes and just begin cutting. I cut one long green triangle for the Christmas tree and then snipped it into thirds, and I used three different size glasses/jars to make the snowman’s body.

Use the hole punch to cut out little dots as ornaments or buttons.

Cut out additional accessories such as the star for the tree, the snowman’s hat, arms and nose, etc. On the original link, you’ll see that you can include multiple style hats, buttons, etc. if you want — kind of Mr. Potato Head style.

Assemble the designs on the stiff felt boards and put inside a bag (plastic sandwich bags work, or you could make a nicer fabric bag).

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