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101 Days of Christmas: Button Ornaments

button ornaments

Like our button cards, my mom and I found all of the buttons for these adorable ornaments in our family’s button box, and we had so much fun creating the various designs. I love the way they all turned out, but I think the Santa Claus may be my favorite!

This would be a fun project for older kids as well!


  • buttons in various sizes and shapes
  • pipe cleaners


First decide on your design and gather your buttons. For a fun look, choose buttons of different sizes and shades rather than using just one or two styles.

Fold your pipe cleaner in half. Thread each button onto both ends at once, which will keep the buttons stable and aligned.

For the reindeer legs, wrap a single pipe cleaner around the body for each pair of legs. Thread small brown buttons onto the pipe cleaner on each side of the body, and then trim the ends and tuck into a second hole in the bottom button.

Once you’re done, trim the ends and wrap them around each other to form a loop at the top.

Note: Look for buttons with larger holes that will slide more easily over the pipe cleaner.

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