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7 Must-Do Due Diligence when Buying Watches Online

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7 Must-Do Due Diligence when Buying Watches Online

A fake watch is a waste of time, money, and an arrow to the heart. You want to make a statement, preserve a family tradition, or upgrade your collection. So, you spend a lot of time online shopping for a timepiece. How do you make sure you don’t get conned? Here are eight must-do due diligence when buying watches online.

1. Beware of suspicious prices.

 Sometimes the best replica watches look like the real deal. Thus, you may not realize that they’re fake at face value. However, something about their prices will always give them away.

That is why you need to:

  • Know beforehand the amount you ought to pay for the timepiece you want. You can get a price catalog from the manufacturer.
  • Compare the price range given by various online stores. If the deal sounds too good to be true, run.

2. Look out for errors on the logo.

As you browse through the images, look keenly at the company logo. Does it look like the original version? For instance, if you’re into German watches, you might see typos like Theorema and Pioneer. You know that the correct name for the brands is Theorema and Pionier. However, the mistake is so minute that a careless eye may not recognize it on time. As you do your research, you need to know how the real piece looks.

3. Know the watch you want

This point is tied to the one above. Knowing the watch you’re looking for will save you the headache of differentiating the real from the fake.

It’s easy to cheat people who don’t know what they want. That’s the reason you must do due diligence when buying watches online. Hence, as you window shop, have all the features of the timepiece at the back of your mind.

4. Shop around for an authentic dealer

Luxury watch brands will give you a list of their licensed dealers to know where to buy. However, if that is missing, you know the characteristics of a good watch, so contact the store and ask the necessary questions.

Remember, one piece will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Hence, failure to do due diligence when buying watches online might leave you frustrated.

5. Failure to provide warranty

Did you know that you can tell the difference between original and replica watches through the warranty? For starters, many counterfeit companies won’t give you any warranty. Now that you’re about to spend a lot of cash, the company must guarantee.

Second, if the business gives you that assurance, but don’t take back faulty goods, be careful. A licensed seller will be willing to accept returns for damaged watches or offer to repair them.

6. Watch out for photoshopped images.

The quality of images on the website will help you know whether the business is legit or not. Hence, be on the lookout for Google downloads and photoshopped photos. Also, run away if the store has the same image for all its watches.

7. Reviews on delivery

Read available online reviews on watches to know whether the store delivers what is on the website. You should get your item looking precisely like the one you saw on the site.

8. Serial number

You can also check the authenticity by the serial number. Each watch should have a unique number, which you can confirm from the manufacturer.


You must do due diligence when buying watches online because a good watch is an investment. It is an asset to travel with you through time. Find your perfect watch, check out all the latest watch designs; finding the style that fits you. The devil is in the details.