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CamScanner {iOS App of the Week at}

I’ve started using the CamScanner app for everything from old photos from my dad to signed documents for business associates, and it’s amazing. Simply take a picture of the document or photo, crop the edges and adjust the lighting and color and then save it as an image or PDF file. You can then email, fax or upload your document to the cloud.

It’s easier than a home scanner and a great solution for anyone who needs to send an occasional document but doesn’t have a fax machine.

I’ve been using CamScanner Free for about 6 months and haven’t needed to upgrade, but CamScanner Pro also offers an ad-free environment, PDFs without watermarks and OCR functions if those are important to you!

Download for your iPhone, iPod or iPad: CamScanner Free (FREE) or CamScanner Pro ($4.99)

P.S. This one is also available for Android: Camscanner Free or CamScanner Pro.

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