Finding Books with the Right Fit

The following post is from Jennifer Burke, a lifelong educator: Summer is a great time for children to explore the world through good books.  If one of your goals is to ignite your children’s passion for reading, as it was mine, then finding the right books is important.  Choosing appropriate material, though, can be a…

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Extra Credit IS Real Life

I've mentioned before that I had three junior high and high school teachers who each contributed to my success with their negativity rather than encouragement. Instead of building me up, like teachers are supposed to, they really did the opposite, both to my face and behind my back. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about…

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Homeschooling Is Not Optional

The following is a guest post from Amanda of Not Just Cute: Homeschooling Is Not Optional All parents should homeschool their children. What I just wrote may surprise some people, particularly given the fact that I have taught in the public school system and have my own son registered to begin kindergarten this fall at our local…

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Free Book Inventory Printable to Track Your Collection

These days, there are tons of ways you can keep track of your book collection, from online library systems to detailed Excel spreadsheets. But if you -- like Monique, who emailed me this printable suggestion -- would rather just keep a simple written list, then this printable is for you! You can fill it out…

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