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Giveaway: Graeter’s Ice Cream

Mother's Day is this weekend, and if you're still wondering what to get your wife or mother, Graeter's Ice Cream may be the answer. This decadent ice cream is made from all-natural ingredients in 2-gallon batches with amazing flavor combinations such as black raspberry chocolate chip, Elena's blueberry pie and more! Graeter's sent me a…

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Giveaway: Food Should Taste Good Chips (2 Winners!)

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to [email protected] and [email protected] -- you each won a Food Should Taste Good prize pack! I've emailed both of you with instructions on claiming your prize. I recently had the opportunity to try five varieties of Food Should Taste Good chips, and they have quickly become one of my favorite snacks!…

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Growing Your Own Food: Marigolds and Strawberries

Last weekend we picked up two marigolds and eight everbearing strawberry plants and planted them in the front row of the table top garden. Getting them planted reminded me that I really, really like playing in the dirt! Gardening and hanging clothes on the line leave me with the same peaceful, content feeling, especially when…

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Make Time for Healthy Breakfasts

From Sniffle Solutions By Madonna Behen “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” You’ve heard that saying so many times it seems trite. But even though it may be cliche, nutritionists will tell you this tidbit is absolutely true. “Not only is skipping breakfast bad for a child’s metabolism, but it also means…

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Giveaway: High Plains Bison Prize Package

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**This giveaway has ended.** Congratulations to [email protected], who won the awesome prize package from High Plains Bison! On Thursday I introduced you to High Plains Bison, a company specializing in high quality bison as a healthy alternative to other red meats. High Plains Bison offers healthy, wholesome, all natural, sustainable bison for unique gifts, special…

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