Making Your Own Thanksgiving Traditions

The following post is from Jessica of GoodCheapEats and LifeasMOM: My childhood Thanksgiving dinners were different than many of my contemporaries. We never had sweet potatoes of any kind. Ever. Green bean casserole? What's that? Pumpkin pie? No, not that either. Mom and Dad, both born and raised in the Midwest, moved to California as…

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Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow & Pecan Topping

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I love sweet potatoes and often eat the leftovers cold for days following our actual Thanksgiving meal. If you use really big sweet potatoes, the potatoes themselves won’t be overly sweet, but the toppings add just the right amount of sweetness. Even our four-year-old, the queen of pickiness, likes these, and she's been asking for…

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Easy & Fun Party Cupcake Kebabs

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I'm always looking for easy, creative ways to spice up birthday cakes and cupcakes, and while you'll never find me creating spectacular fondant cakes, I knew I had to make these cupcake kebabs as soon as I happened across them on Flickr. Fortunately, my six-year-old loved them as well, and I made them this last…

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Using Flags to Make Easy Themed Cupcakes

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My 3-year-old daughter loves Go Diego Go. She spends her afternoon quiet time pretending she's Diego, and her imaginary Baby Jaguar is her constant companion. She's been saying for months that she wants a Go Diego Go birthday cake for her birthday, but I didn't have the creativity or time this week to make one…

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