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Using Cozi’s Free Online Tools to Simplify and Organize

In the interest of full disclosure, I have been asked to be a featured contributor on Cozi's Live Simply site, and that is how I learned about this amazing productivity suite. However, they never asked or even implied that they'd like me to blog about the program, so all of the enthusiasm in this post…

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Starting Your Day Out Right

As a work-at-home mom since our first daughter was born, I've learned the value of getting ready for especially busy days before the day starts. Waking up to a clean house and not having to worry about finding clothes for everyone, deciding what we'll eat or keeping the girls entertained helps me balance what can…

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The Importance of Focus

Whether you work at home, home school your children, run a blog or Etsy shop, or volunteer on a committee of some sort, chances are you have some kind of "work" that needs your attention each week. I've been sharing my time management tips as part of this series, and today I want to talk…

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10 Ways to Get Motivated

Last week I asked the question, "How Do You Handle Lack of Motivation?"   There were a variety of answers in the comments with some great ideas for getting motivated. I tend to take a break and find something enjoyable to do until my motivation returns (even if that means I wait until the next…

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The Importance of a Routine

If you read many organizational or home management blogs, chances are you've seen this topic covered before. The reason it's covered so often, of course, is that it works! Having a routine in place, which is different than a rigid schedule, gives everyone in your home an idea of what to expect and when to…

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All About To-Do Lists: Finding a System That Works for You

Chances are that if you're a list maker, you've seen – and perhaps drooled over – dozens of different systems for creating your daily to-do list. From fancy Franklin Covey planners to PDAs to those systems tailored for moms and everything in between, there is definitely no lack of options to consider. So how do…

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