Photoshop 101: Basic Photo Editing Tutorials

Experienced Photoshop users probably won't find much new information here, but if you're just learning to edit photos in Photoshop, here are 9 handy tutorials that you're sure to use. As the mother of four little ones, I think head swapping is pretty much the coolest Photoshop feature ever! 1. Head Swapping Tutorial | MCP…

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Free Social Media Icon Sets

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One of the easiest customizations to make on your blog is with social media icons. For new and experienced bloggers alike, social media icons can be a fun expression of your personality, and while some people do have custom sets designed for their blog, there are tons of free sets available. Here are some of…

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Question of the Day: How Has Technology Made Your Life Easier?

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I recently finished reading Last Light by Terri Blackstock (which is still available free for the Kindle!), a story that follows a family in the South after an unexplained atmospheric event renders all electronics, communication, transportation, financial institutions, media and even governments useless around the world. The book focuses on one family and their faith…

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Tips for Reposting an Older Post

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It's Christmas week, and most of us have things we'd rather be doing than sitting in front of the computer blogging. But if you consider blogging more than a hobby, you may feel a responsibility or obligation to continue posting for readers who might be expecting posts from you. You could write ahead, scheduling posts…

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