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CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take?

CBD (cannabidiol) benefits are rapidly becoming clear for many who use this extract of the cannabis plant. It is reported to help alleviate chronic pain, for example, in sufferers of many debilitating conditions. It is also known to relieve stress and anxiety, and many users take it to help with depression. Skin ailments, sleep problems, and many more common problems can be helped by using CBD, and with research into its benefits ongoing, it’s likely further uses will be added to the list.

This article covers a subject that is not often discussed, that of the right CBD dosage. This will vary as we shall see, but for now, we recommend that if you are considering using CBD – whether medicinally or for recreation as many people do – you look at investing in a CBD pen, which is a cheap, convenient, and efficient method of taking CBD. Let’s talk about it in more detail with the emphasis on dosage and safety.

Is CBD Safe? 

Before we talk about CBD products’ safety, it’s essential that we mention that as at the time of writing, CBD has not been passed by the FDA as a medicinal product. This does not mean that it cannot be bought and used by people who find it helps with pain or any of the above-mentioned problems, simply that the manufacturers cannot promote it as a medicinal aid. Instead, CBD products are sold as a supplement and legally so.

As for safety, CBD is an entirely natural product. Whether as an isolate (pure CBD) or as either abroad or full-spectrum product (those that include other or all compounds of the cannabis plant, of which there are more than 100), manufacturers are keen to emphasize the natural nature of the product and many refrain from using any additives whatsoever. In that sense, CBD is a safe substance, but as with anything we put into our bodies, the quantity we use is important, so we will move on to dosage.

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Recommended CBD Dosage 

The recommended dosage of CBD depends on several factors, including your body mass index and weight, what you want to take CBD for, your body chemistry, and the type and source of CBD you are using. 

The latter is interesting and important as there are several ways of using CBD, and the dosage may differ for each. For the sake of a guideline, consider the following.

Let’s say you’re taking CBD to help with chronic pain. Your doctor will likely advise you as to the does to start with. This will usually be low, say in the range of 20mg per day. After a week, you may increase by 5mg, and so on, until you reach an intake of 40 to 50mg per day or when you start to feel the pain recede. The dosage may differ between men and women, and as per the factors we listed above, this is a guideline. We recommend you seek advice from a professional and, while you are talking to them, determine the legal status of CBD in your state just to be safe.

How to Enjoy your CBD

There are many ways of enjoying CBD safely, and we suggest you check out not only dabs for vaping but also edibles that you eat as sweets for convenience. There are also topicals that you can mix with food and drink plus creams for skin conditions. Either way, make sure you follow your doctors and the maker’s advice on dosages and find a level of intake that you are comfortable with and that gives you the effect you require.

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