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Celebrating the Every Day & Printable Holiday Storage Labels

Free Printable Holiday Storage Labels at

I haven’t talked about it too much here on the blog because I want to guard it as something I do for my girls and not as blog fodder, but one of my goals for 2014 is to celebrate the small holidays that I usually overlook.

You see, I realized on New Year’s Eve — as I was watching people on Facebook share their fun holiday traditions — that I’m really good at Christmas but that the rest of the year passes without a lot of celebration. I really want to change that and create a family culture that’s rich in simple, special traditions.

So we’ve been adding traditions this year — camp outs in the family room for the Super Bowl and Olympics, for example — and I’ve been trying to add small touches of holiday decor as well.

The only problem is I know I won’t have the energy or motivation to remake garlands and window decors over and over each year, so I’ve been looking for a way to store them.

Free Printable Holiday Storage Labels at

Rewind a few months, and we had received a box of Huggies Natural Care Wipes in their tubs from a family member. The tubs are actually really pretty patterns, so on top of not wanting to just throw them in the landfill, I had been trying to think of something to do with the extras.

Free Printable Holiday Storage Labels at

It turns out that they’re the perfect size for the small amount of holiday decor I create for each holiday, and they stack really nicely in our “party” cabinet.

Free Printable Holiday Storage Labels at

I decided to create labels for them rather than writing on the tubs with markers, and I’m sharing those printable labels with you today! If you don’t have baby wipes containers lying around, I wouldn’t recommend buying them just for this, but the labels will work perfectly on the $1 tubs from the dollar store as well. There’s even a blank page so you can add your own descriptions.

I printed mine on the clear sticker paper I had, but they would work on white sticker paper as well.

Click here to download or print the holiday storage labels.

Do you decorate for holidays and seasons? If so, how do you store that decor?