CES 2011 and How to Prepare for Next Year

The following post is from Stephanie of BizzieMommy.com:

CES Crowd

International CES is the world’s largest consumer tradeshow. This was my first year experiencing CES in Las Vegas and I’m still trying to recover from exhaustion and sore feet!

It’s a HUGE convention – it took up every inch of the Las Vegas Convention center and even spilled into the Venetian and Hilton Hotels. I wasn’t prepared for such a massive event and I can safely say, neither was AT&T. Service was almost non-existent.

So next year there are a few things I’ll change…

1. Switch wireless carriers and/or don’t commit to any live twitting, blogging or facebook posting. I was unable to get any service on my iPhone.

2. Ditch the heels and get comfy in some sneakers. I ended having to wear my Uggs and those weren’t comfy enough

3. Plan a schedule and route for the most important vendors. Do not set any appointments without knowing their location. Otherwise you’ll spend the entire time bouncing from hall to hall or hoping in the cab to head over to the Venetian

4. Leave the shoulder bag, purse or backpack and get a nice rolling backpack or bag. It’s easy to get an overloaded bag that you have to lug around the entire convention floor.

5. Bring plenty of cash for food, taxi service and or the metro. I would recommend purchasing a 3 day pass for the metro and use that back fourth from the hotel.

6. Have a pen handy so you can make notes on business cards. Once you get home you may forget which PR agency worked with which brand.

7. Take a decent camera and a great walk-around lens. If you have a video camera, bring an external microphone for video recording.

8. Leave a day to roam – after all you’ve gotten all the work out of the way give yourself a day to just roam and explore all the cool tech gear – after all that’s what you really wanted to do right?

I really enjoyed the convention and can’t wait for next year — when I’ll be much better prepared. And soon, I’ll be sharing some of the great items I found.

Stephanie Elie balances 2 jobs, 2 kids, 2 blogs and a husband and loves every bit of it. Stephanie is the author of BizzieMommy.com, and you will never find this LA tech junkie without her iPhone, Canon DSLR and laptop, all dressed in her favorite color, Pink.