Christmas Cards Made Simple

holiday cards
source: liz west

Would you like someone else to take care of your Christmas cards for you?

I’ve mentioned before that is a unique home management tool that helps you manage all of the moving pieces of a busy family in one place and also allows you to record and share family memories.

Because is run by moms just like you and me — who’s main focus is on helping users save time and money — they’ve come up with an incredible way to simplify your holiday cards as well!

Christmas Cards Made Easy

Although I love sending — and receiving — Christmas cards, it can be stressful to try to get them ready, addressed, stamped and out the door in the midst of what is already a very busy season.

AboutOne has partnered with Astonishing Cards to automatically send all of your holiday cards for you! No stuffing, no addressing, no stamping, no mailing required.

In 3 Simple Steps

Simply, create your Relationships contact list quickly and easily from your existing contact list (keep in mind that you’re able to do  so much more with Relationships, including keep track of gifts, important dates, appointments and more).

Then click on the Send Cards button to be taken to where you can customize your high-quality Christmas cards.

Once you’ve personalized your cards, you’ll be able to select the addresses from your Relationships list, and you’re done! Your cards will be sent within 24 hours so that you can get it done and checked off your list!

If those instructions have left you confused, be sure to watch this video, which explains it much more clearly:

This service is free for subscribers, and they’re even offering a special 10% off coupon code in December. Just enter AboutOne10 when you checkout at Astonishing Cards!

Sign up for a free 15-day trial with today and discover all of these amazing features and more!